Halloween craft for toddlers

Livi and I got a little stir crazy the other day. It’s a teething week, but the kind where you can’t help but wonder if a little cold is along with it -runny nose, a little crank- so we stayed home from our Tuesday playdates. I was trying to think of something fun but low-key for us to do, and I remembered a sweet craft I’d seen on Pinterest. I’m not really the craftiest person -someone else has to be crafty first- but I love doing little projects here and there.

Halloween bat crafts

So, Liv and I made some very cute Halloween bats for her to give to her cousins and grandparents this week. 

Making bats

Livi got a kick out of the goggly eyes and was feeling much better after our project. She was so proud of the bats she made. (“LOOK! I made a bat!”) 

Halloween bats  1 of 1


 For the “wings,” I traced her hands on to black paper. I cut them out along with little bat bodies. She glued them onto the paper, and added little eyes before I helped her with the smiles. Then, she added fun flair by drawing on the bats with the chalk. So much fun!

They were easy to put together, and I adore the idea of homemade cards. They’re much less expensive, and a fun keepsake for those you love. 



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  2. Too cute!

  3. Love this! Too cute! Isn’t Pinterest such a wonderful invention? I am the same way I can’t come up with crafts myself but I can copy one off Pinterest! πŸ™‚

  4. I cannot wait until my little girl is old enough for fun crafts!

  5. too cute!

  6. Fun!

  7. super cute! can’t wait to see her halloween costume!

  8. Can’t wait to try November’s workout!

  9. Sandy Chapman says:


  10. Ugh, so jealous. I could never do this with Squish. He would tear up the paper, eat the googly eyes, and fuss and scream while I was cutting because HE wants to do it. Boys and girls are so different at this age!

    Little lady will have so much fun handing out her homemade treats this weekend!

  11. CUTE! And easy enough πŸ™‚ I’m pinning it for next year.

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  14. so cute and easy! I might do this with the girls I babysit!

  15. I always had my daughter make homemade b-day cards for her grandparents when she was little. Those are the best! πŸ™‚

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