Mesh leggings and slouchy tanks

Hi! Hope you’re all having a great day so far. Happy Fitness Fashion Friday, where I share some of the fitness gear and apparel that’s caught my eye. Let the awkward self timer photos commence.  😉

It’s been a while since I’ve had a fitness gear *thing*. I’ve always loved printed leggings and supportive cute workout tops, but I’ve been gravitating towards a couple of staples lately.

#1: The mullet of leggings.

Business in the front….

Mesh leggings and drapy top  1 of 1

party in the back.

Mesh leggings and drapy top  1 of 1 2

Not only do mesh panels add a little extra something to basic or printed leggings, but they’re also extremely functional. It’s a little extra ventilation, which is always appreciated during sweaty workouts.

#2: Slouchy tanks. They’re especially comfortable for strength training and dance classes, as they’re light and move well. The only thing I don’t love loose tanks tops for is yoga, because said tank ends up drenched in sweat and hanging over my face during inversions.

This one has a supportive built-in bra.

Mesh leggings and drapy top  1 of 1 4


Skyscapes  1 of 1

Skyscapes: the perfect everyday casual shoe when I’m not wearing flip flops. They’re light, comfy and perfect to walk from teaching classes or while running errands.

The above outfit I picked up at lululemon with the helpful R&D teaching discount. (If you’re a fitness instructor, be sure to let them know so you can get your 15% off!)

Some similar styles below, too:

Mesh leggings: yay or nay?

Do you like baggy tanks or more fitted styles?



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  1. I’ve heard so many comments in how comfy the Skyscapes are. Got to try those out! I love slouchy tanks and racer back tanks when I lift but tend to stick to more fitted tanks when running!

  2. The cutest shoes! I love all of your purple. Looks great!

  3. LOVE everything about this outfit! I’m all over mesh leggings. I just need to bite the bullet and buy some! 😉

  4. The fitting of my shirt depends on my workout. When I’m running I like my shirts fitted but when I’m doing CrossFit I like them a little on the baggy side!

  5. Yaara Leve says:

    Love those leggings on you!! They’re so fun and sexy!

  6. Mighty cute outfit, Gina! I’m impressed with how simple but matched and cute this looks; the shoes put a nice finish.

  7. Haven’t tried the mesh leggings yet, but am a trainer and live in spandex so I’m sure I’d love them… especially because I get super sweaty super easily!

    Flowy for lounging, but I do a lot of plyometric/metcon/jumping around and so prefer fitted for that. Fitted for teaching, can do flowy if I’m doing more traditional lifting.

  8. I’m not sure I’m ready for mesh leggings. While you’re fantastically tan, I am casper the friendly ghost pale. Mesh sometimes isn’t a good look for that clash of colors. 🙂

    Love slouchy tops though, for workout, for going out, for life.;

  9. loooove Lululemon!!!

  10. I used to be ALL over the tight lulu tops (like, 50 racer backs), but now I’m loving looser tops. Perhaps it coincides with having a child and feeling like my mom pouch sticks out more when I’m working out or running? haha. As for the mesh leggings, I think I could only do them in all black so it’s a little less noticeable!! But I’m sure they’d win me over in whatever way they come because lulu seems to do that 😉

  11. I’m the same with tanks… loose for everything but yoga! The mesh pants are cute. I’ll have to check them out! I’m finding myself wearing/buying workout clothes more than regular clothes now, so I love to see fun styles.

  12. Yay for sure! I love mesh leggings!

  13. I love Skyscapes! And this outfit looks so great on you!

  14. Love this outfit- thank tank is so cute!

  15. Love the mesh leggings! Have been wanting to try some out, though it will probably have to wait until next spring/summer. It’s gone from fall to winter overnight here in Massachusetts, so I had to break out my gloves, headband, fleece, and warm running tight for an outdoor run yesterday. I love the tank, and it looks fabulous on you, but it that style usually doesn’t work for my body type. I prefer a bit more coverage on top and will go lighter and shorter on the bottoms.

  16. I just bought that exact tank at Lulu last week!! love it and great choice! 😉

  17. Sooo I bought lulu mesh leggings with slits in them…they’re super cool now I can’t decide if they’re like, too sexy for the gym? Haha I doubt it but they’re kinda wild. Can’t decide!

  18. No mesh leggings for me, but I’m still obsessed with Lululemon. Their CRB tanks are probably my favorite tank ever.

  19. The mesh leggings look fantastic on you. I would definitely give them a try! As for tops, I prefer fitted for running but I like looser tops for boot camp and actually for yoga too.

  20. Love baggy tanks! My favorites are the “Spiritual Gangster” line 🙂

  21. These are so cute! I like loose ones except I prefer yoga so I really need more tight ones.

  22. I LOVE lululemon, especially their leggings. I find that the ones with mesh are the most comfortable ones to teach classes in. My favorite crops from lululemon are the Run Inspire!

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