Pilot under the weather

Hi πŸ™‚ Apologies for all of the blog issues yesterday and to those of you who were getting an error message with the comments. Hopefully things are back to normal- guess this post will let me know, eh?

Along with the blog being under the weather, so is the man of the house.

Garlic  1 of 1

I roasted him an entire head of garlic to eat before leaving to work. Fingers crossed that he’s able to fight it…

Here he is doing a Tim Tam slam last night- at least he lived it up a little before getting sick πŸ˜‰

Tim tam  1 of 1

Two little things that are feeling the Christmas cheer and more energetic than ever:

Dogs  1 of 1 3

I can’t even.

Caroline did great at the groomers and everyone who worked there wanted to adopt her. I’m so glad Bella was there with her to keep her from being so afraid.

Bell also helped me wrap gifts last night while Caroline and Livi snoozed:

Wrapping  1 of 1

Our tree is very happy <3

Gifts  1 of 1

This morning, I’m at work, and then we’re heading to the airport this afternoon to pick up my MIL.

Let the holiday festivities begin!

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.



What’s on your fitness agenda today?Β I’m teaching a bootcamp class instead of Zumba today- should be fun!

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  1. Hope the pilot feels better soon! where did you get your cute off the shoulder shirt?!? love those types of shirts! merry christmas!

  2. Love how Caroline and liv napped at the same time! So cute! Also love how bell kept Caro company at the groomers. I can just hear her “it’s ok Caro. Mommy and sister will be here soon. It will be ok”

  3. I hope carrying a baby in the moby running around the mall doing my last minute shopping counts as my fitness for the day! He is 17lbs, after all πŸ˜‰

    Nothing like the holiday rush! haha

  4. hope the pilot feels better soon! That picture of the puppies is the cutest!

  5. Hilarious that you just posted this! I was feeling under the weather Wednesday and Thursday this week, and roasted a bulb and garlic and started popping it like candy! It just tasted so good–and I was hoping it would help kick the cold I’m fighting. I posted yesterday on my blog about it . . . wondering if it was possible to OD on roasted garlic! πŸ™‚ Glad to know I’m not the only one!!

  6. Took an hour Zumba class and followed it with a 30 minute weight circuit. Thought of you during Zumba…are you familiar with Jon Secada’s version of “Walking in Winter Wonderland”? We did this as the last song before our cool down…so much fun!

    Also, glad to know I’m not the only person that sits on the floor to wrap everything. That pretty much looked like my scene minus a sleeping baby (I had one sleeping/snoring doggie and one who kept watched/helped the entire time)

    Merry Christmas!

    • Fitnessista says:

      ahhh i hadn’t heard it before but just listened and LOVED it πŸ™‚
      and yes, floor wrapping makes it so much easier πŸ˜‰
      merry christmas to you too!

  7. Another “Swim Saturday” workout in the books for me. I’m trying to rebuild my swim base in hopes of getting my triathlon game on this spring/summer after a year off. Bonus work out will be the last minute shopping frenzy and packing like a mad woman tonight! Merry Christmas!!

  8. I hope the Pilot feels better soon! Garlic is really good to kill any bacteria and make sure he eats antioxidants. Cute picture of the dogs! Have a great weekend!

  9. Hope the Pilot feels better. Yum! Tim Tam slam! That’s what I should have gotten for my husband for Christmas. He LOVES Tim Tam’s πŸ™‚

  10. Your dogs are so adorable I can’t even stand it! My fitness agenda today is a little up in the air. It’s been a long day because we went out to look for a new car for my bf and it was a lot of haggling and ups and downs, but we came out with a new car! Still exhausting though.

  11. Bella and Caroline are such cuties! All the presents are wrapped so prettily!

  12. As an Australian I’m excited to see the Pilot doing the Tim Tam slam! Honourary citizenship awarded πŸ™‚

    Hopefully that and the garlic will do the trick!

  13. Hoping the pilot isnt anything like my husband when he’s sick for your sake (although Tim Tams are right up his alley as he swears by chocolate as a sickness remedy) otherwise you’ll have Dos Gringos songs on repeat in an effort to cheer him up!

    Do you have Tim Tams available in normal grocery stores in America, or are they only in speciality stores? I always send Tim Tams (and vegemite) over there as an Aussie treat, but if they are common I might have to get more exotic!!

  14. My husband was sick recently…served him lots of roasted garlic with his dinner when it was coming on, definitely shortened it! (Grammy swore by it with us!)

    Hope the Pilot is 100% better soon!!!

    I can always count on your photos to fufill my RDA of cute…oh the puppies!!!!

  15. I did a run this morning along the lake followed by your 5 minutes six pack in a sweater abs workout and 2 10 minute workouts from fitsugar.com.
    I love the puppies, SO cute!!!

  16. Hope the Pilot is feeling better! And that pic of the dogs is so adorable!!!!

  17. The dogs looks so freaking cute with their Christmas scarves on.

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