What I Ate Wednesday

and I’m actually posting it on a Wednesday! (I’m usually a day late.) *Runs around high-fiving everyone*

That’s where the excitement ends because my eats were not super thrilling yesterday. But, I thought it would be interesting to share my eats on an off day from the gym when I haven’t meal-prepped at all. Usually I like to meal plan and get everything in order to set myself up for healthy meals and snacks— especially the daytime eats. We had company this weekend, so we ate out at restaurants quite a bit, and I made a small stop at TJs to get the essentials. 

Here’s what the day looked like:

Unpictured: two squares of Sea Salt Soiree dark chocolate while making Livi breakfast, before feeding P and taking Livi to preschool

Breakfast, late morning:

Breakfast 2

Coffee, 2 eggs with hot sauce, brown rice tortilla

Snack: Kit’s Organic bar with blueberries



Decaf Best Drink Ever 

FullSizeRender 23

and turkey pesto sandwich on gluten-free bread. I asked for no cheese, but there was cheese on it anyway. 

In the words of my dear friend Betsy, I macked that thing.

FullSizeRender 22

While making dinner: snacked on BBQ chicken out of the slow cooker

Shredded chicken

(for lunches this week)

and a giant glass of wine. We have really large wine glasses, and I went to take a picture of my glass and realized that it had a weird water stain. I poured said vino into a traditional wine glass and was hit with the startling realization of how much wine I actually pour. *monkey covering face emoji*

Oh hey

Dinners usually look something like last night’s impromptu stovetop dish:

Chicken dish

(balsamic mushrooms, artichoke hearts, chicken thighs seasoned with garlic, smoked paprika, oregano, salt and pepper) and sweet potatoes. I had two thighs, some veggies, and a sweet potato with butter and cinnamon.

Our dining room lighting is beautiful at night.

Chicken dish 2

What was good about this day of eats:

I ate at regular intervals during the day. This has been tricky for me for the past couple of months because I feel like someone needs something from me pretty much 24/7. Then it’s been a few hours and I’m like, “Oh sh*t, I’m hungry” and I open the pantry and eat whatever is in front of my face. (“Oh hi, chocolate chips.”) This is reason 52738 why meal planning is awesome! If it’s already made, I can grab it and feast. Considering the fact that I haven’t prepped anything for the week besides the shredded chicken, or planned any official meals, I was pretty happy that I got in a substantial amount of protein and healthy fat, with smart carbs mixed in.

What could have been better:

Produce intake. Usually I like to have more veggies throughout the day, but it wasn’t happening. After today’s Trader Joe’s run, I’ll have some fresh veggies chopped, and I’m also going to make a soup to last the rest of the week. 

What was the best thing you ate yesterday? Do you notice that your hunger levels change depending on your workouts? I’m definitely hungrier on the days I teach or hit the gym.



Shout out to Peas and Crayons for starting the WIAW craze! Check out her posts here. 🙂

New post on the Family page <3 

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  1. love your dinner combo. sounds like easy to make and full of flavors. 🙂

  2. Kelsey Halena says:

    That sandwich looks DIVINE! I made a veggie pot pie last night, and the cream of it consisted of white beans, rosemary and veggie stock- SO good! And just what I needed at the end of the day.

    I definitely notice that I get hungry after dinner if I’ve done a cardio-heavy workout that day. I usually need something extra to get me by!

  3. That sandwich looks so good! That’s a pretty awesome ‘winging it dinner’. Ours is usually like pancakes or something! Love wiaw posts!

  4. I love seeing this-gives me new food ideas that are healthy but realistic and not super-complicated. Thanks-know it is hard with two little ones to keep up with your posts :).

  5. That sandwich looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing this post.

  6. Looks delicious to me! I love the end of the day self reflection.

  7. I can NOT get enough Justin’s vanilla almond butter and dates lately. I’m a grazer and a snacker and meal planning just makes life easier!

  8. Yeah! I’m so excited you’re joining in on the WIAW fun! I always think it’s fun to see what everyone is eating. Great inspiration for all!

  9. I love WIAW posts! I am currently crazy for clementines…. they are so perfect and juicy this time of year. I can’t get enough. 🙂

  10. I am actually hungrier on rest or active rest days. It’s strange. I did pretty well yesterday – green smoothie, breakfast cookie, salad with peppers, chickpeas, and peanuts. Dinner I had ham (it’s too good to avoid!), latkes, and cabbage.

  11. I loved checking out your eats! The pulled chicken looks delectable, and I have such fond memories of Better Buzz from being in SD! 🙂

    I would say my hunger DOUBLES when I am doing strenuous exercise (like Barry’s Bootcamp) in addition to cardio most days of the week. My body needs it…but I like to have a couple rest days to so I feel less like a starving teenage boy all the time! 😉

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  12. Oh my god…THAT chicken though!!! Drooling over here!

  13. MMMM That sandwich! I rarely have them, so when I see a good looking one, drool! I’m definitely more hungry when I workout harder. I used that hunger as a good excuse to enjoy some non-dairy ice cream every night last week… yummmmy. Cashew milk snicker-doodle, coconut milk chocolate and peanut butter, and some cookie dough Arctic Zero. Is it lunch yet?!

  14. egg burritos are my favorite! i could eat one everyday and never get tired of them <3

  15. I love WIAW posts! During my work days (where I sit in front of a screen for 8 hours), I open up a blank email (to myself) and document everything I put in my body from 5am – 5pm. It helps me have a visual of exactly what I’m feeding myself.

  16. Are you going gluten-free? I’ve been gf for 11 years and would highly recommend andean dream organic quinoa pasta. It actually has a “real” pasta texture and taste while being made from whole, gluten-free grains. I remember how hard it was in the beginning to find a good gf pasta 🙂

    • Fitnessista says:

      i eat mostly gluten-free, because i feel way better when i do. i’ve tried that pasta! you’re right- it’s so good, and not gummy

  17. Would love a little more detail on how you made the last minute dinner — it looks exactly like what my SO would love to eat every night but I’m not big on cooking meat. Did you cook it all together at the same time – or put the raw chicken in first and then add the veggies? How long did you cook the chicken? Thank you!!!

    • Fitnessista says:

      sure! i sautéed the mushrooms first in olive oil for a couple of minutes, then added the chicken, skin side down with all of the spices. cooked 6 minutes on one side, added a splash of balsamic, then flipped the chicken and added the artichoke hearts. cooked for about 10 minutes on the other side to make sure everything was cooked through

  18. You’re the sweetest <3 I'm totally craving a turkey pesto sandwich now — the second I finish up whole30 it's so ON! Yesss!

  19. Can you ever pour too much wine? 🙂 Haha I don’t think so. That BBQ shredded chicken looks delicious.

  20. Best thing I ate were these new Madagascar vanilla coconut chips I discovered.. big YUM!

    Do you have to sneak the chocolate into your mouth so Liv doesn’t see it (when you’re making her breakfast)? I remember doing that when my kids were young! Until they were a little older…. “what’s in your mouth, Mom?!” Busted!

    • Fitnessista says:

      how have i not heard of these!
      um YES. and then i’ll go to brush her hair and she’s like “why do you smell like chocolate? i want chocolate” haha

  21. heyy with both did WIAWs today! i havent done one in a while either.
    i loove having veggies throughout the day too. i try and prep, and sometimes even eat some cucumbers/bell peppers with breakfast- my favorites 🙂 ah i need to make a veggie soup!

  22. That turkey pesto sandwich looks amazing!

  23. That dinner on the fly looks delish! You should def post that recipe! 🙂

    • Fitnessista says:

      most dinners are like that! i sautéed the mushrooms first in olive oil for a couple of minutes, then added the chicken, skin side down with all of the spices. cooked 6 minutes on one side, added a splash of balsamic, then flipped the chicken and added the artichoke hearts. cooked for about 10 minutes on the other side to make sure everything was cooked through

  24. That chicken artichoke meal looks so good, did you just make that on the fly?

    The best thing I ate yesterday was an apple, fontina, arugula grilled cheese sandwich, yum. I tend to not be hungry right after a workout, but then it’ll hit me later and all of a sudden I want allthefood.

  25. Pulled pork is a hit in our house for lunches too. I had hoped to do a WIAW this week but that didn’t happen but I love that fact that the work week is half way over!

  26. Chicken thighs are everyyyyything. YUM!!!

  27. I love when you do WIAW! Your daily eats always provide such great inspiration!

  28. Yum, looks like a delicious day:)

  29. I definitely feel like getting produce is harder with two babies because there is so much chewing involved in salads and crudites! Most of the time I’m trying to eat while doing something else, or trying to get a meal down before the kids are done eating (which takes like 3 minutes….), and I need to feel full as quickly as possible. Green smoothies are breakfast every day to help!

    • Fitnessista says:

      that’s it! i’m like “i don’t have time to eat this salad” haha. green smoothies and juices are lifesavers

  30. That dinner looks fantastic. I have some artichoke hearts that are begging to be used and you have now been my inspiration!

  31. The chicken looks amazing. That is my dinner tonight. Done. Decided.

    What time do you usually end up eating your meals throughout the day? About how many hours between meals/snacks? I’m currently trying to gain a little weight, and am struggling with not feeling hungry, so its hard for me to judge when I need to refuel.

    Thanks 🙂 and I love your blog! I’ve been reading for a few years now and you’re a major inspiration!! Have a wonderful day!

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