Winter Shape Up 2013: Week 1 Workout

Are you ready to pump some iron?!

The first 2013 workout uses just a few tools: a jump rope (if you want to do the included warm-up; this is optional as it can easily be replaced with high knees), a kettlebell or heavy dumbbell, set of dumbbells and your own body weight.

Here’s a warmup I created just for you. I’ve been getting sick of using the treadmill for a warmup, and this one you can do anywhere.

5 minutes total:

-3 minutes jump rope or high knees: 10 seconds on, 10 seconds rest

-1 minute animal side shuffles (if you’re wondering what the heck those are, check out the video!)

-12 pushups or modified pushups (I’ve been doing modified or stability ball pushups since I’m still recovering from my chest injury)

-30 second plank

After that, you’ll be warmed up and ready to conquer this fast and furious circuit:

Week1 workout

Here’s how the workout goes:


-Complete one set of each move in the circuit

-Repeat the entire circuit, start to finish, 1-2 more time for a max total of 3 times

-Follow with 15 minutes of HIIT training (cardio mode of choice)

-Cool down and stretch

The circuit:

Wsu2013 1

Wsu2013 2

Wsu2013 3

Tomorrow morning, don’t forget to meet me back here with all of the Winter Shape Up details: how to check in, how to follow it and get the best results from your work, how to win prizes, everything will be thoroughly explained. I just wanted to get the meal plans and workout up EARLY for my East coast friends and early bird gym-goers.

Here’s the week 1 workout schedule- feel free to adjust and shuffle as necessary. (If you need help, hit me up in the comments or tweet me @fitnessista)


Did you do your steady state today? If so, what did you do? Where did you workout?

See ya tomorrow with the rest of the deets πŸ™‚



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  1. So I didn’t check in every time I did this, but just want to say I love this workout. It killed my legs the first couple of times, but then I looked up your foam roller tips which helped.

    I will definitely go back to this in the future when wsu is over – it’s a great workout – thanks!

  2. Hi Gina,
    I’m having a tough time with your Plank Knee Tuck and Reach. Since there isn’t a video on this, can you help explain a bit more of the technique and what muscles we should conscentrate on using? I really like it and I’d like to get better, I can get to about 5 on each and then I lose my balance.
    Any input you have would be great. Thank you!

  3. Just found your blog. Love the Winter Shape up and how you explain everything! πŸ™‚

  4. Great workout! I can’t wait to see more for the new year and get my body back in shape.

  5. The first time I went through the circuit I thought I was quite in shape….that was until I repeated the circuit numero two. Man was this tough!! Thanks for the great workout Gina πŸ˜€

  6. I usually stick to the treadmill/spinning classes when at the gym but I loved this work-out! Definitely not easy, but I know it was worth it. Excited to feel a little sore tomorrow morning!

  7. Checking in for yesterday! I took an off day on Sunday, so I had a sweaty workout yesterday – thanks!

  8. Love those pants in the picture with the workout scheudle! Who makes them?!

  9. Loved workout #1! I can tell I am going to be sore tomorrow – which is a good thing! I am a week behind on the challenge so doing week 1’s workout this week, and I am loving it so far! Thanks girl!

  10. Just did the first workout from your website and oh holy cow woman, you can put together a butting kicking sweat inducing workout! I cannot wait to implement some of these in my stroller fit classes this spring! Can’t wait to see the end result after 4 weeks of this

  11. Ashley-Rose says:

    Girl you are AMAZING! I am soooo sore after just one day!

  12. I just did the workout #1, anda damn, did it kick my butt!! I know I’ll be sore tomorrow, amazing job, Gina! =)

  13. Loving the shape up per usual!

  14. Hi what’s tempo workout? And what’s 15 min hilt

  15. Just found your blog and I love it! Great workout too! It will help me into track season next month. Can’t wait to do more workouts! By the way, I love your outfit, it’s so cute!

  16. Just found your blog on Pinterest and I love it. It has a lot of useful tips to help get me in shape after having my second baby.

  17. I loved it! Running a week behind due to injury, but this series is fab! L.

  18. I just recently stumbled onto your site while looking for baby food recipes for my soon to be 1year old son:) eek can’t believe how quickly the last year has passed. I absolutely love your blog and I’m so inspired by you and how this all came about. You have a beautiful soul and I admire your transparency in sharing with the world to encourage and uplift others. I’m on my last week of a 12 week program and I was looking for something new so I am pumped to start your Winter Shape up:) Thank you for sharing your heart with all of us!

  19. I really think this work out was my favorite! (so much I pinned it!!)

  20. I’m a college student and the amount of free time I have is close to zero. I always work out but I’ve become more unmotivated with my workouts. Thank you so much for posting this I’m really excited to start and get bikini ready with some new fun workouts πŸ™‚
    Just starting this and getting some new ideas is really great to get me out of my plateau! Thanks and I’ll enjoy some of that cooking too.
    Happy Winter but HELLO SUMMER!

  21. I’m doing this with my friend, she was my motivation and now we’re working hard to motivate one another thanks for your help πŸ™‚

  22. I finally did this today…I’d been saving it for when I got tired of my other workouts or couldnt do them– now that I’m traveling and also sick of my old routines, this was the perfect choice! I only had a giant water bottle as a weight, but even so, it was a good anda fun workout! You could totally be the next Zuzana!

  23. Hey Gina!
    I just wanted to let you know I absolutely LOVE WSU 2013. I switch up my weights approx every 4 weeks and leverage a bunch of different programs, however yours are my favorite πŸ™‚ and WSU 2013 is what I’ll be doing for the next 4 weeks! Your workouts are great because, they’re quick, efficient, and always leave me super sweaty and nicely sore the next day! Thanks for sharing these great programs with us and looking forward to SSU 2014 πŸ™‚ !!! xoxoxo

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