Fall-ing for purses

So you guys know I have a purse “thing.” I’m not a shoe-crazy girl, pretty conservative with cosmetics, but live for handbags and jeans. The Pilot already knows that as much as I love jewelry, a designer handbag is my #1.


[+ matching clutch?! Major husband points]

Since non-maternity jeans are kinda out for me this season, I may have to live it up in the purse department 😉

Here are some of the ones I love for fall:

Retro styles are huge right now

image Rochas

(love the two-tone, too!)

and so is the price tag for that one 😉 Might be looking for something similar…

Animal print is usually a little *much* for me when it comes to clothes (reminds me of a pink, long, feathery cheetah pimp jacket we had to wear for a dance recital), but it’s great for accessories (like cheetah print flats or an animalistic handbag)

image MARC by Marc Jacobs

image Banana

The crossbody style is still going strong, and I love the red color as a neutral

image MARC

or basic black:

image Tory Burch

Jewel tones are always hawt in Autumn, and this HM bag is only $49:

image H&M

Metallic always make me think of holiday sparkle… which makes me very happy 😀

image Cole Haan

image Michael Kors

Are you a purse girl? Jean girl? Shoe girl? All-of-the-above girl?

Please don’t say you hate shopping. Every time a girl says “I hate shopping”, a fairy falls down dead 😉

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  1. Amber L on September 5, 2011 at 5:38 pm

    I’m a make up wh0re and jeans girl!

  2. Carrie on November 16, 2011 at 1:01 pm

    Purses purses purses…give me lots of purses…I’ve had to be physically removed from the Coach store before (by my hubs, luckily…NOT SECURITY)…I will never, ever pass a Sephora without going in. Ever. 🙂

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