Proof of (food) Life

Ciao, guys.

 DSC00068 (Me trying not to stand out like a tourist)

Gina’s shopping for a netbook so she can more conveniently write post during her short lunch break, so she once again solicited my help. Of course, I’m more than happy to sub in and this time I actually remembered to take pictures!


I was a little embarrassed to do the last post with so few pics of the snackage to share. As it turns out, putting food in front of me sets me into a one-track mind, and I don’t think about taking the picture until I finally set my fork down (as was the case today with my delightful prosciutto and melon). This is the typical scene as the thought hits my mind…


Mad respect to you bloggies who have the discipline to bust out the camera before diving in. Anyway, here’s my delicious proof of food life via highlights from the past few days.


The Antipasti


IMG_0067  Bruschetta with tomatoes and spcies

IMG_0068 Fried crab fingers (that’s a crab claw there). Hey, when in Roma…or another city <cough, cough>


The standard secondi piatti:



The primi piatti:

IMG_0071 Fillet with gorgonzola sauce, chips, and an awesome eggplant/zucchini salad (had to try a bite)

IMG_0069 Lobster and pasta. Okay, I know it’s my location is getting obvious.

IMG_0081 Swordfish and fries

At very worst, there’s this…not too bad:

IMG_0073 …with an egg in the center. Pure…heaven.


And Dio mio…the Dolce:

Yeah, it’s almost all gelato. I know I should change it a little but I just can’t…don’t judge me.

IMG_0065 gelato di crema and tiramisu

IMG_0077 Stracciatella (my wife’s fav…sorry babe but it was awesome)


IMG_0072 Tiramisu

The drinks have been a wide assortment of wine, beer and the occasional water for good measure.


As you can imagine, we’ve seen a lot of beautiful places:


…but we’re ready to get on with the work that’s ahead of us.

I’ll never forget our stop here. It’s been an incredible experience and a great chance to brush up on the language I minored in at college. Hopefully, the next time I visit, I’ll have a glass of wine in one hand and Gina’s hand in the other.


Arrivederci for now!

~The Pilot

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  1. Lauren on September 28, 2010 at 4:52 pm

    Wonderful post!! So glad you’re able to enjoy your travels a little – and share the amazing food footage with us! Safe travels, Pilot!

  2. Krista on September 29, 2010 at 10:45 am

    This post makes me want to go back to Italy! 🙂

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