Rest in peace, iPizzle

Helllooooooo 😀 How are ya doing?

A good friend died today:


I will say it had a long a full life. After getting me through a half marathon, countless runs, cardio and weight sessions, the iPizzle bit the dust. The flashing lights of death happened this morning –which is when the light blinks orange and green- and no sound, no nothing. This is exactly what happened last year at this time with my old shuffle, so I’ve been “borrowing” the pilot’s shuffle ever since…and now it is dead. I’m starting to wonder if I should get a new shuffle or if I should bite the bullet and get an iPizzle that will last a little longer. Thoughts?

I’m not sure what my deal is with technology lately, but between my heart rate monitor dying and now this, maybe I’m destined to work out without technology.. maybe Rocky style?

The good news is that Bella boo seems to be back to her normal self and I’m definitely making some headway in my “put the casa back together since I was gone for so long” mission.

I had 1/2 nanner with mesquite and cinnamon for snack (I’m out of almond butter!!! The tragedy!)


And for lonchi, I was in the mood for an omelet.

I roasted a zucchini, some eggplant, sweet onion, garlic and tomatoes (with olive oil, sea salt and pepper) at 375 for 40 minutes while I cleaned. Then, I started the omelet (1 organic egg + 2 egg whites) and filled it with spinach, roasted veggies and goat gouda (because it’s so gouda)

before the flip

It came out beautifully!


On the side, I had a small greens salad with bell pepper, balsamic and EVOO.

After my food digested a little, I did 55 minutes of yoga in the guest room. 15 minutes of Dave Farmar (before I got distracted with all of his talking and turned it off), 20 minutes of Power Yoga #3 ( — this one was KILLER!!!) and 20 minutes of Detox Challenge Flow #2 ( I feel so zen now 😉



Leftover filling from last night’s sweet tater and the pathetic amount of Mary’s Crack I left myself in the container 😀

Time to get ready for work!

See ya later, bloggies <3

Much love,


Something to do: At-home circuit training workout that will work your entire body:

jumping squats (1 minute)

wall push-ups (1 minute)

couch dips (30 seconds)

high knees (1 minute)

-plank (20 seconds)

side plank (20 seconds)

-switch to the other side (20 seconds)

plie squat (1 minute)

chair calf raise (1 minute)

Pilates swimming (1 minute)

* Repeat the entire circuit 2-3 times

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  1. Emily on October 30, 2009 at 3:01 am

    Sorry to hear your pod died again! Gosh. I use a nano which has been pretty good.
    You make a good looking omelet! Half the time mine turn in to a scramble 😉
    Thanks for that work out too ~ I’m at home today, so I’ll give it a go.

  2. Emily on May 21, 2013 at 2:00 pm

    This workout just kicked my butt! On a day when I really needed it but didn’t have time to hit the gym — put the kiddo down for a nap, a little ‘Days of Our Lives’ on and voila! Thanks much!

    • Fitnessista on May 21, 2013 at 8:08 pm


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