Summer Shape Up Week 9

Hey everyone! Hope your day is going well!! Thank you so much for your sweet comments and encouragement regarding the exciting announcement – I’m super stoked about it 😀

We only have 4 weeks left of this challenge. Even if you’re just getting started, it’s a great amount of time to make a difference, tone up, and feel amazing. For those of you who have done this plan since the beginning, I hope you’re seeing a significant improvement! I’ve got some awesome prizes lined up so hang in there for the home stretch. Make this last month the best one yet!

Here’s this week’s Summer Shape Up workout:

Summer Shape Up: Week 9
Day 1: Cardio (rolling hills 30-45 minutes) or take an aerobics class

Day 2: Shoulders, chest and back
Cardio- 5 minute warm up
Unilateral shoulder press
Assisted pull up
Walk out push up
Cardio blast- mountain climbers (1 minute)
double-arm dumbbell raise
incline fly press-out combo (can do on the floor instead)
machine ball pullover
Cardio blast- skater exercise (1 minute)
Double crunch (3 sets of 15)
Cardio- 20-30 minutes (moderate intensity)

Day 3: Cardio (sprint intervals for 20 minutes) or take an aerobics class

Day 4: Legs, lower back and abs
Cardio- 5 minute warm up
Limb raises
reverse lunge (add a knee-up by raising your knee up towards your body before stepping back into the lunge)
captain’s chair leg raise
Cardio- 5 minutes of hills
booty booster (slide 5)
lunge to plie
dumbbell squat
single-leg stretch
Cardio- 20-30 minutes (moderate intensity)

Day 5: Cardio (steady state 30-45 minutes)

Day 6: Biceps and triceps
Cardio- 5 minute warm up
Dumbbell hammer curl
reverse plank (hold 30-45 seconds)
standing triceps extension
Cardio- 5 minutes sprints
Straight bar cable bicep curl
triceps pushups
long arm crunch
Cardio- 20-30 minutes (moderate intensity)

Day 7: active recovery

Happy training!


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  1. Val on June 29, 2009 at 4:59 pm

    I'm so sad that I didn't find your blog until halfway through this – hopefully you can start a new one again soon!

  2. Lauren on June 29, 2009 at 8:21 pm

    What a great announcement! Congratulations girl, that is truly awesome.

    I wanted to ask you something, being the Indian diva that you are. I have only had Indian once, but I really enjoyed it. I just picked up a few Indian quick fix meals at the store but was wondering if you had ever tried to make these types of dishes at home?

    I bought a make your own version of Spinach Dal and Eggplant Bugha (sorry if that's not the right word, I'm drawing a blank) I also picked up the kashi frozen meal of veggie chan masala. Have you by chance had this?

    I'm very excited to try these, but I wanted to see if I could get someones opinion first before I ruin my liking for Indian food!

    Thanks so much hun!

  3. traveleatlove on June 29, 2009 at 8:26 pm

    Awesome workout! And congrats on 105 Degrees. That is so exciting! I hope to someday have the time to do some culinary classes.

  4. Rhoni on June 29, 2009 at 9:43 pm

    I, for one, cannot wait to read all about culinary school! That is something I would loooove to do someday, but since the next 6 years of my life have already been sold in exchange for an education, I just don't have time. I can't wait to live vicariously through you…hope you can share a few recipe secrets!

  5. Fitnessista on June 29, 2009 at 10:01 pm

    hey val- if you want to start it, you could definitely start this week and still have a month! check out the intro post (called "holy bikini body") if you'd like to join in the fun 😀

    lauren- i haven't tried any of those dishes– i hope they're delicious! let me know what you think of them 😀

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