Summer Shape Up 2015: Week 4 Workouts and Meal ideas

Hi friends! Can you believe that it’s the last week of Summer Shape Up?! It’s gone by so quickly, but time flies when you’re working hard. 😉 I hope you’re already seeing some noticeable benefits from the past 3 weeks! Our goal for the final week: finish it STRONG with the same intensity that you used when you began the challenge. Also, remember that you can always repeat for an 8-week plan. For Winter Shape Up, we’ll have our free full-length videos to follow, too. 🙂 If you’re just joining in the fun, you can check out the intro post here

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Next month, I’ll be back with full monthly fitness calendars (and per many requests, I’ll include meal ideas in my emails), so if you’d like to receive those, be sure to sign up for my newsletter below:

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A very special “thank you” to all of our wonderful 2015 Summer Shape Up sponsors!

Ssu2015 sponsors

bobble, makers of the BPA-free self-filtering water bottle. I tote mine around all the time and love how lightweight it is. 


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Gluten-free Chex oatmeal, which is perfect for baking, savory recipes and snacks,

Oatmeal bowl

(shown here with an egg cracked in as it cooked, almond milk, blueberries, cinnamon, a drizzle of maple syrup and a giant blob of peanut butter)

and Crunch Live, who kindly shared a 30-day free trial with all of us. Just use the code “SSU30”” to activate it! (It will turn into a regular membership at $9.99/month after the 30 days expire, just as a heads up. They have a great variety of workouts you can do anywhere.) 

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Here’s what the meal ideas look like for Week 4. As always, feel free to adjust or shuffle them around according your unique needs and preferences. 

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