Strength/Tabata Combo

Hi friends <3 Thank you so much for the wonderful comments on our family photos. Hope that those of you who celebrated yesterday enjoyed a lovely Christmas!

Per usual, ours was filled with family, food, relaxing and shenanigans. <— Everything I could ever want from a Tucson holiday, surrounded by my favorite people.

The adventures started off with Christmas Eve dinner at my dad’s house.

Dads tree  1 of 1

We had an amazing feast (tamales, beans, enchiladas, salad, taquitos… )


(a peek at some of the desserts)

and the cousins always have a little dinnertime prank. We’ve walked into the dining room wearing tuxedo shirts, all plaid, bibs, and this year:


I mustache you how sexy you think the Pilot’s unibrow is. ;)

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12/10: SanTABATA Workout


As we all try to squeeze in quick, effective workouts this holiday season, here’s a little gift from me to you: a new Tabata workout! Just 4-minutes to a sweaty, cardio extravaganza that will enable you to burn more calories throughout the day, even during holiday festivities.  Some things to keep in mind: -Honor your […]

Apple tart for one


Yesterday, I got to teach the Tabata class at work. My friend, who has it every week, is recovering from a triathlon and said, “Hey Gina, will you teach today?” Um, is the Pope Catholic? Even though I’m not new to Tabata, the class is very structured with specific moves for each round and recovery […]

Red-faced and Tabata Thursday


The Pilot is responsible for the sudden overpopulation of turtle doves in Tucson. Ever since he built the bird condo, we’ve had mama birds rotating in and out, and a constant outflow of sweet baby birds. Liv and I love to look at them when we take Bell outside in the morning. Bird house 4 […]

Random goals + TABATA THURSDAY!


All I have for ya from yesterday are pictures of my dessert: (red wine and a “baked” apple with cinnamon- a little butter, cinnamon, chopped apple, microwaved for 2 minutes) and our Bollywood costume: a gorgeous printed skirt, jingle belt and an anklet. I got to teach Zumba, assist Hip Hop and assist Bollywood- it […]

August 9: Tabata Thursday


Not much in the land of new healthy food ideas over here. I’ve been enjoying eggs aplenty and abusing the bag of steamed lentils from Trader Joe’s that I found in the fridge. Makes for some pretty unappetizing food photos I do have a hot bar record for ya, though:  $5.99! Ka-boom. (My record high […]

July 26: Tabata Thursday


Hi friends! I’m in between classes right now, but wanted to get up this week’s Tabata Thursday video! We ALL have 4 minutes to spare- shake (or jump, muaha) those legs out and you’ll feel much better. For more info on Tabata training, check out this post. Some things to remember: -Always warm up and […]

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