celebrating the man of the house

We took him out for burgers and the restaurant (Slater’s 50/50) gave him a bacon rose, so I think it was a win? 🙂

Bacon rose

Hi friends! Happy Monday! Hope you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Ours was a lot of fun. We spent time with friends, the Pilot and Liv went on a daddy-daughter camping trip, and we celebrated Father’s Day yesterday.

Friday afternoon, we relaxed at the house:

The girls 2

and then met up with our cousins in Old Town for dinner.


(Gotta love the bottle on the table of giant margaritas haha.)

We hit up Liv’s favorite spot, Cafe Coyote, and I ordered the “usual” which is the protein bowl without cheese or sour cream. It’s packed with Mexican rice, black beans, chicken, guacamole, pico de gallo, and lettuce. SO GOOD.

Protein bowl

We had a blast catching up with the cousins; it’s so nice to have family here in town. <3

Saturday was ballet, donuts, and my return to Orangetheory. It killed me in the best way possible. I had to modify a little bit, and walked/ran the cardio portions, and was drenched in a puddle of sweat when I left. Being back made me realized how much I really did miss it, and verified that it is indeed one of my favorite workouts ever. 

On Saturday, the Pilot and Liv took off on their first daddy-daughter camping trip, and it Liv’s first time camping. We have some friends who do this annually, and all of the dads take their daughters camping for a weekend. Last year, the timing didn’t work out, but this year, it was perfect. They had such a blast together enjoying camping food (grilled dinner and pack + egg breakfast, went on a scavenger hunt, roasted marshmallows, and slept in tents. (It was Liv’s first time sleeping in a tent and she absolutely loved it.)


Turns out that Liv is a huge fan of hiking. They set off on an adventure, and she went crazy over all of the hills, pine cones, and gorgeous scenery. I think we’ll definitely be making a trip as a family.

20160619 082758

Since the Pilot and Liv were gone, it was just P and myself over here. We enjoyed a lunchtime picnic at the park, went to the mall to pick up Father’s Day gifts, and after she crashed for bed, I enjoyed watching super girly movies and a dinner no one else in the family would enjoy.

My kinda meal

(Massaged kale salad with goat gouda, sautéed chicken sausage, kombucha… and some wine)

Also, even though I read The Fault In Our Stars and totally knew what was going to happen, I still cried my face off. 

Sunday morning, I taught Zumba, Miss P and I hung out at the house, and Tom and Liv were back in time for an early Father’s Day dinner at Slaters 50/50. 

Fathers day 2

(Picked up his polo at lulu. It’s super soft)

We’re huge Hodad’s fans, but we’ve received so many recommendations to try out Slater’s, especially since they mix their meat with bacon and have unique burger creations. We started off with deconstructed guacamole (which was DELICIOUS. I think I Snapped it but forgot to take a real picture), 

Eating lunch

(her crinkle nose has been cracking us up)

and for my entree, I rolled with the turkey burger on a gluten-free bun + sweet potato fries.

Slaters 50 50 2

(How do you even eat a burger that giant? I had to separate it into sections. #noob)

Slaters 50 50

We all shared a Pop Tart milkshake for dessert. 😉

The burgers were enormous, and delicious. As good as everything was, we still think Hodad’s is #1. 

I booked the Pilot a Zeel massage and spent the evening catching up on some things around the house so we’re ready to tackle the week. It’s going to be a short one since we’re headed on a roadtrip this weekend. YASS.

So tell me friends: anyone else reunited with a workout love? Am I the only weirdo who separates giant burgers and sandwiches as I eat them?

Hope you have a very happy Monday and I’ll see ya later this afternoon!



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  1. Pop tart milkshake?? That sounds so strange haha

    Love the camping trip! It’s something I did with my family growing up and hope to do with my kids someday! It’s so nice to get outdoors – especially living in a big city like Chicago!


  2. I often separate my burgers/sandwiches into sections. That way if I want to take some of it home for another meal, it looks all nice rather than a gnawed on mess haha. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Have fun back at OrangeTheory! I took about a year off of BodyPump but recently got back into it so I know how you feel.

    • Fitnessista says:

      haha same. AHHH i can’t wait to make it back to body pump! my hand still isn’t quite ready for it, but hopefully soon

  3. You guys give each other the best gifts! I was trying to explain to my Mom how much I would appreciate a massage over clothes anyway. She didn’t get. I guess I need to give her one so she can experience!

    • Fitnessista says:

      we usually just give each other cards and spa treatments. it works out well 🙂 and yes! if she hasn’t had one maybe that will change her mind

  4. Sounds like a pretty splendid weekend! The top photo with the ‘bacon rose’ is too cute. 😀

  5. “…and a dinner no one else in the family would enjoy.” That’s hilarious There’s been a few of those meals around our home a time or two

    • Fitnessista says:

      i’m like give me all the squashes, quinoa and kale haha

      • That’s totally me. 😀 Earlier this year, I moved in with my brother temporarily. He’s the quintessential meat and potatoes (and gluten) type of guy. I was in charge of cooking and put him on a clean eating diet FULL of kale and quinoa. He said his bowels still haven’t forgiven me. He’ll thank me one day. (Crying tears of laughter over here).

  6. OMG!!! The girls are ADORABLE!!!! Sounds like a fun weekend had by all – Gina (from Massachusetts)

  7. Those burgers look delicious! My boyfriend always jokes he knows my level of hunger by how I eat my burgers and sandwiches. I usually eat the middle then the bread but if I just dive in and start eating he’s always like okay you were starving, haha.

  8. Haha I also separate huge burgers as I eat them! Sometimes they can be so messy!

    I was in the mood for a tabata strength workout so I did Workout #2 from last year’s SSU yesterday. I am SO SORE today but it was awesome and kicked my butt! My husband saw me doing the workout in our living room and he was like…that looks hard, can you send it to me too? He did the workout too and said he was totally beat afterwards! 🙂

  9. What a gorgeous weekend,…I love the bacon flower…that is genius!

    I’m always switching between running, hiking, cycling and yoga…but since I’m a yoga teacher and absolutely hooked…all of the rest act as side workouts…which is awesome nonetheless 🙂

  10. That bacon rose is amazing!

  11. Erika S. says:

    I have a friend who just started teaching yoga sculpt @ core power yoga and I went to a 6AM class to support her (it was a struggle to wake up at 4:45!) & it was a great sweaty session. I think you may like it if you haven’t tried it out. I haven’t taken any of their other “traditional yoga” classes…but sculpt was good.

    My barre studio is offering TRX so that’s been my new thing lately.

    Livi is getting so big and I’m loving her cute side swoop…and P is just too adorable!

  12. What a fabulous little daddy/daughter trip! And so perfect that they doing on Dad’s Day wknd. Love!

  13. OMG. P is so incredibly cute it’s adorable. You two seriously make the CUTEST kiddos.

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