Humpday Booty Burner

Hi friends! How was your humpday?


It was a beautiful day over here (look at that sunset!), even though it was quite sad to hear that the Pilot’s family cat, Sam is onto greener pastures.sam

He was 19 years old!!!

sam (2)

We’ll miss you, buddy <3

The Pilot and I got to spend a little quality time together this morning since Betty was still getting fixed. I dropped him off at work so I could take his car, and made us protein oats for two:


A big pot of oats, thinned out with almond milk + Sun Warrior, frozen organic strawberries (they cook in the last 2 minutes while the oats cook), cinnamon, vanilla, brown sugar and cookie butter on his, almond butter on mine.

I did the work thang and then came home to take Bell out and make some lunch:


-Greens, topped with

-sautéed bell pepper

– 1/2 can black beans

– 1 cup brown rice


-Goddess dressing


The Pilot just got home from work, so we’re going to figure out the car situation (the repair man said it should be the end of the tunnel as far as expensive repairs go, which is making us reconsider), make some dinner and take little Bell to get the crazies out (on a walk).

Enjoy your night and I’ll see ya in the morning with a nut butter treat recipe 😉



Workout quickie:

Humpday Booty Burner!

Add this fun little burn onto your next weights session or at the end of some cardio. You’ll remember it the next day.. walking up stairs… sitting down… your booty will thank ya. [As always, check with a doc before making any fitness changes]

-Lunge right (15)

-Jumping lunges (30 seconds)

-Lunge left (15)

-Jumping lunges (30 seconds)

-Squat (15)

-Jump squats (30 seconds)

-V-glutes (Under workout #2: on a bench or stability ball- 15)

-V-glutes pulse (hold legs up as high as they’ll go and pulse towards the ceiling- 30 seconds)

*Repeat 1-2 more times if desired

Let me know how you like it <3

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  1. Looks like a great workout although I will have to leave out the jumping lunges & squats cause they are a bit too hard on my knees. Will give it a go tonight and let you know how I feel in the morning.

  2. Oh nooo. Rip Sam 🙁 it sounds like he had a long and happy life. He looks SO much like one of our cats. Even their foreheads have the same markings. Love Orange kitties! I can’t wait to see what the nut butter treat is, yum!

    • I have one that also looks identical. Exact same forehead stripes and same shade of ginger. I don’t know if Razzy will make it to 19 though – he has persistent obesity. I’ve managed to diet him down by one kg, but the rest is proving very hard to move.

  3. Oh, hugs to the Pilot and his family… its so hard to lose a pet!!

  4. Poor Sam :'( He was a beautiful cat!

    I am doing legs tomorrow so I will def incorporate this. All my fav moves I usually do anyway. I like your style of lunge on one side then jump lunges, repeat. I bet I will be jelly legs b the time I leave!

  5. I love it when my tushie is sore!*

  6. Leslie Wingate says:

    I’m really trying to like you, but I have to limit my calories to 200-250 so it’s really difficult. 😉 It must be all your Zumba-ing and baby-baking. I’d gain all my weight back if I ate that for breakfast! It looks sooooooo yummy and healthy, though. Jealous, much? 🙂

  7. So sad to hear about the family cat – always tough!

  8. aw kitty! thats a pretty good long life to live. our family cat is 17years old. its amazing how long they live for. <3

  9. ahh sorry to hear about the cat 🙁 thats so hard. 19 years old is pretty impressive though.

    great workout..definitely trying!

  10. I still miss my cat! Sigh… That workout looks brutal in the best possible way!!

  11. Wow that is awesome Sam lived such a long happy life! He was obviously well loved!

    Good luck figuring out your car situation! Cars always stress me out, I love them for their usefulness but they seem to suck up huge amounts of money and time!

  12. It’s always so sad when our fur babies leave us, but 19 years is a good life. Gotta love those Ginger cats, such characters.

  13. RIP Sam : ( 19 years is pretty impressive though!

  14. So Miss Lady, I wanted to apologize for my sad comment last night; I was feeling a bit down. But great news….I’m 5 weeks along as of yesterday! So excited! You’re love vibes helped 😉

  15. Mmm those oats look good. My Sunwarrior just came in the mail today and I am STOKED!

  16. Love the mini workout! I am always looking for little sequences like that to end my workouts with! Gotta get the extra little challenge 🙂

  17. Poor kittie. And poor Pilot. I’m very sorry. I have an orange cat too, so I know how nice they are. 19 years is a nice long life though.

  18. The last food picture is beautiful. Great lighting and great eats in the bowl.

    RIP to Sam. That’s sad. Even though he was 19, it’s still sad to lose a pet. Hope the Pilot’s family & Pilot are doing ok.

  19. Oh nooo 🙁 wah. Beautiful kitty. As for the booty workout. APPROVED

  20. Where in the world did you get cookie butter?!?! That sounds sooo good!

  21. Awesome work out! Those oats look great too, I love that you made his and hers.

  22. 19 years is awesome! I’m sorry to hear about the loss of Sam. 🙁 He is now in kitty heaven with all the mice in the world to play with!

  23. That looks like a great workout! Can’t wait to try it.

  24. Aww, sorry about the Pilot’s kitty! 🙁

    That workout looks killer! I feel like no matter how often I strength train my legs, my legs never get used to it. I’m always SO sore the next day! Any tips for reducing soreness?

  25. Thanks for the booty burner ! That is one area I have been trying to focus on more as of late.

  26. you made a booty burner on humpday. This would mean something else entirely on another website.

  27. Sorry to hear about y’all kitty 🙁 I’ve been totes diggin’ huge salads topped with a crumbled veggie burger and salsa lately… YUM!

  28. Poor Sam 🙁

  29. rip sam 🙁

    i did the booty burner today and my legs were shaking by the end and i couldn’t really walk uphill or downhill very well … haha! i must have done something wrong, b/c my glutes weren’t feeling it at all, haha. i’ll have to try again soon.

  30. I’ve been a long time reader but have always been a little scared/intimidated to try your workout burns…and wow, this was awesome 🙂 I am trying to become less of a cardio-and-hot-yoga-only girl, so I will be incorporating these into my workouts much more now 🙂 loved it! Thanks so much for all you do for us lucky readers!!

  31. Lunges hurt my knees so I sadly can’t do them 🙁

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