Raw honey


Processing credit card transactions, anytime, anywhere


(You slide the card through the bottom of the iPhone!)

Homemade coconut butter


This cake that my bro decorated at culinary school


(Yes, it says “Illest” and I almost dug into it face first)

Bella’s fascination with prairie dogs


(she wants to catch one SO badly!)

The return of an old friend


Starting to stock up on spring clothes


Going to visit my east coast friends TOMORROW!!!! So. Stoked.

What are you lovin’ this week?



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  1. I didn’t get the chance to comment on your video yesterday, but you are beyond cute!! You should do a cooking show!! Anyways I love that kombucha!! My favorite flavor!!

  2. Giiirl is that socca or pancakes?! It looks delish, and I need to get on my spring shopping ASAP because I am a believer in karma and good clothing energy will bring spring faster:)

  3. i love how your eating more honey and posting about it! i just did a post yesterday about honeybees and such, and i love crystalized raw its so GOOD

  4. This week I’m loving my family. After going through last week of health scare issues, and now just waiting for results and the healing process, I’m loving them more and more everyday (if that’s even possible). 🙂

  5. ugh! where do you shop!? i love every single one of those cute spring pieces! 🙂


  6. mi-an dela cruz says:

    lovin the weather this week! lovin the fennel green apple and onion salad! 🙂 and lovin my new jade harmony yoga mat i just got! btw, i also love that the cake says “illest”!!!

  7. This week had been all about exersizing outside in this glorious weather… making quick ‘n healthy eats and getting my house organized. Spring came early around these parts 🙂

    Loving all your new spring clothes. SO CUTE!

  8. make sure to leave the spring clothes home on your trip because it is brisk out here on the east coast!! Have a safe trip here! Oh and homemade coconut butter! Oh my word, I have to try that one out!

  9. Your spring clothes are adorable! I can’t wait for spring 🙂

  10. I’m absolutely loving grapefruit, hot lemon water, early bed times, and people writing raps about me on my blog!

  11. I’ve recently started drinking a LOT of kombucha…and the Trilogy flavor is my favorite! I drink it when I feel like I’m getting a cold, or when my tummy isn’t digesting well…I don’t really need an excuse…I just love it!

  12. raw honey and trilogy, thats a fabulous morning already!
    Cant wait for the vitamixer giveaway!

  13. Ohhh have fun! Where are ya headed on the east coast?

  14. Ooooh lovin the spring wardrobe look!
    Such a cute pic of Bella, please tell me how you did that!!
    Have fun on the East coast this weekend!

  15. LOVE the clothes, where did you get them? You have such fab style!

  16. I love that dress! Where did you get it?!

  17. Those clothes are super cute!!! 😀

    Safe travels!!!

  18. OMG can’t wait to stock up on spring clothes! This week I’m lovin that it’s not stupidly cold here any more, that it’s almost the weekend, and that I’ve had a chance to catch up and hang out with some of my friends. Have a great day Gina! 🙂

  19. I have already been purchasing spring clothes and we have a ton of snow and months left of winter still! I am very interested in the iphone credit cart adapter. It would make my job so much easier! Ok going to research it now 🙂

  20. I’m new to your blog and I love it! You’re very motivating! I was wondering how to order the mesquite you use in your breakfast cookie…it’s different than BBQ mesquite, obv, because you said it’s sweet. Thanks!

  21. The cake is gorgeous! And I need to stock up for spring too.

    I’m loving work not being too stressful, great eats and another fun weekend to look forward to.

  22. Lovin’ the new spring purchases! Great taste Gina! 🙂

    What am I lovin’ this week: your class, the weather, and deciding not to stress about silly things that won’t be important 6 months from now.

  23. My boss and his wife have their own honey bees and he was kind enough to bring me in a jar (bedazzled with jeweled bees and all). It is AMAZING! There is something so different about it compared to the store bought honey in the cute bear jar that I just love. I’ve become an addict in the past few weeks, I put that ish on everything!

    Their next project is goats….cheese??

  24. Our lists are very similar: Socca, Trilogy, + raw honey. Ohhh yeah! Also on the list, my new juicer. 🙂

  25. I saw a women use that iPhone CC feature at a festival I went to recently. It emailed me the receipt! Convenient + Paperless = Awesome.

  26. Wow I am late to this party….100 comments on a non-giveaway post already 🙂

    Love the credit card feature! Omg I don’t have a need to process them but if I do…I am sooo getting on board w/ an iphone. Even without the need, I should get on board w/ the iphone. When it comes to Verizon, i am!

    Have a great trip back east. FUN!!!!

  27. What a cute cake! I am loving Jusyins Almond Butter and butternut squash chili!!

  28. WHAT Is that iphone app?!?! I want it!

  29. cuteee spring clothes !! where do u shop ?

  30. Hmmm I’m loving the awesome new oatmeal bowl my sweet coworker bought me, my warm apartment on this snow day, and the chance to make some pancakes now for dinner after seeing that yummy breakfast plate you pictured!

    Oh, and I’m loving today’s episode of Oprah- she dedicated the whole episode to military families: http://www.oprah.com/showinfo/The-Bravest-Families-in-America. About time!

  31. I also picked up a Kombucha today after a llooong hiatus. It felt like I was coming up for air when I take the first sip!

  32. i’m lovin the fact that tomorrow my American goodies arrive in the post! yay!

  33. Hi there. I love reading your blog. Today was a snow day for me on the east coast and I was able to catch the Oprah Show. Not something I would typically watch but the topic was military families. My heart just broke listening to the stories of those families. I was shocked to hear the statistic that 1% of American families bear the burden of defending our country. And to realize just how far the burden extends within those families! Its something I admit I have not thought of before today. I like many others have been preoccupied with my own life. My daily thoughts consist of the following: How am I going to keep my job while making it through graduate school? How do I be there for my husband while he is in medical school? How do I take care of my aging father? These are all challenges that I gladly take on. There is one more challenge that I would like to take on and that is reaching out to those military families that take on so much so that I have the freedom to pursue a graduate education, so that my husband can achieve his dream of being a doctor, and that I can have a decent paying job that allows me to help support my aging father.

    The first thing I wanted to do was extend my gratitude towards the military families that I know. And although I do not know you personally, that does include you. Thank you to you and your husband for taking on more than your fair share of responsibility to make sure that our country remains a pillar of strength and honor in this world. Thank you!

    I look forward to this new challenge of reaching out into my community and impacting the lives of those who sacrifice so much. I would like to encourage all of your readers to step outside their own circumstances and see what part they can do to help shoulder more of the burden, even if it only starts with a simple but very heart felt “Thank You!”

  34. Mmm, home made coconut butter, I need to make some of that!

    Things I’m loving… Smoothies packed with green goodness, your amazeballs, Crazy Sexy Diet, bootcamp, and local Kombucha from here in Toronto (except for the fact that it’s $5 a pop. ouch.)


  35. love the clothes!! im only used to seeing u in work out clothes, pilot must be coming home soon.. lol

  36. I’m loving: being home, my girlfriends, resale boutique shopping, skinny jeans & my pupper!

    Not loving the doctor induced ban on driving!

  37. I am lovin’ that kombucha! I just drank the same exact flavor. 😀

  38. I’m loving…
    – watching my dog roll around in the snow
    – my husband who is so very far away from me
    – feeling GOOD and STRONG and HOPEFUL after a very emotionally difficult few months
    – playing Wii DDR

  39. I am loving this January sun, rock climbing and getting good grades on projects I put a whole lotta effort into.

  40. I’m loving vanilla coffee, homemade granola, and my big cozy circle scarf. 😀

  41. I’m lovin my life! Interviewing bands, exciting stuff for SXSW…life is getting good! um foodwise..anything nut butter-like works for me!

  42. Omg You can slide your credit card IN your phone? God I love 2011!

  43. Where did you buy those cute spring clothes?!

  44. I love love love raw honey. it’s too expensive to make it a regular purchase, but I became addicted when visiting my parents who get it from a bee-farmer friend. I mixed it with dijon mustard and coated chicken breast in it before grilling it, or adding chopped walnuts and baking.

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