New booty burner {video}

Hi friends! TGIAF… any fun plans for the weekend? Also, the Olympics start this weekend! Excited to watch.

So guess what?! You know my tiny new Zumba class? Last week I had two people, and last night I had seven! Usually if I have one person, I’m happy, (otherwise, I’d have a dance party with myself) but I’m excited to see the class growing. It was a blast.

Some pics from lately:

breakfast (banana egg pancake with sun butter and berries)

Banana pancake  1 of 1Β 

Bella, atop laundry mountain

Laundry mountain  1 of 1


(what is it with animals and fresh laundry?)

Some chili I made to take over to madre’s:

Chili  1 of 1 7

and my favorite little juice date:


Juice date


Today’s video is a quick booty burner. If you’ve been following along the Winter Shape Up, chances are that you won’t need this one πŸ˜‰ This week’s workout is pretty leg and cardio heavy. Be sure to check in here for today and your chance to win the Sabra giveaway!
If you want to give the booty burner a try, it would be a great complement to your leg workout, cardio session, or anytime as a quick energy boost during the day.



Hope you enjoy! <3











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  1. I love making banana pancakes! Their super easy:)

  2. Haha! My dogs love fresh laundry too!

  3. Great job on the class!
    I had the same thing for breakfast this morning and it was awesome!

  4. Loving your videos, Gina! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Yay new Booty Burner! Can’t wait to give it a go!

  6. Where are you teaching in Tucson? Maybe I’ll pop down for a class when my foot is healed. i would love to do a blog post on one your classes!

  7. Congrats on getting more people in your class! I knew you would!

  8. Glad your class is growing!! Good word must be spreading πŸ™‚

    Always love a good booty burner!! Thanks for the video!

  9. Hi Gina! I just want to say thank you so much for all of your amazing videos! I recently moved to a new area, and have been struggling to find a gym that I love, so your videos have been so wonderful to help keep my workouts on track. Thank you!!

  10. Can’t wait to try this!

  11. My cat loves clean, warm laundry too!

  12. Hi Gina, I have a protein powder ? for you. My daughter who will be 3 in March, has always struggled to gain weight. She has been in the 0% for weight since about 6 months old. I was wondering what your thoughts were about giving a toddler protein powder. Do you ever give it to Livi? Also, my daughter has a milk allergy, so she can’t have whey. If you don’t have a problem with toddlers having protein powder, do you have any dairy-free powders that you would recommend?
    Thanks so much,

    • Fitnessista says:

      livi doesn’t have protein powder but i try to amp up her smoothie by adding a lot of nutrients (chia seeds, sun butter, coconut oil, spinach, etc) with berries, milk (you could use almond milk or juice) and banana. she LOVES the banana egg pancake (easy way to get her to eat 2 eggs), and these turkey lentil muffins for protein:

      • Thank you for the suggestions! She hates eggs by themselves, so I am going to try the banana egg pancake. I usually try to hide it in her french toast πŸ˜‰

  13. My cat loves to sit on my fresh laundry too! Too funny.

  14. hooray for seven zumba participants! i’m sure they all had a blast πŸ™‚

    your banana egg pancake looks so delicious… and now i’m putting sunflower butter on my shopping list – it’s been too long since i’ve had it!

  15. Yay for Zumba class growing!! I’ve always thought of Zumba as another way to “dance it out” like the ladies of Grey’s Anatomy =)

  16. This isn’t ENTIRELY related but I ran across this article on a truck driver/dance fitness instructor that made me smile, I thought you might like it:

  17. Love this!!! Also, yay for a growing zumba class! Although sometimes a good dance party by yourself isn’t half bad either! haha. That’s the only way you’ll get me to dance!

  18. Yay, I love your videos! Can’t wait to try it when I get home from work.

  19. booty is one of my favorite body parts to work πŸ™‚

  20. Thanks for the video. Glad your zumba class is growing.

  21. Sun butter on pancakes (protein and non) is AMAZING. Who am I kidding, it’s good on just about everything!!

  22. I love short and to the point workouts! I love long workouts when I have time, but sometimes you just need something quick that can kick your butt! can’t wait to try this out!

  23. best juice date right there πŸ˜‰ love you two

  24. Your juice date is cute πŸ˜‰
    I downloaded the video you posted to my pc so I can do it again and againa…and again lol

  25. yum!! that chili looks amazing!!

  26. cant wait for the olympics! side note, id really love to know what capris you are wearing in the booty burner video – thanks!

  27. i loved the jumping curtsy lunge! thanks for a great new idea!

  28. Woohoo! Love a good booty burner! I’m trying to get my own Pilates class and I would be so stoked if 2 people showed up. πŸ™‚

    Your laundry ant hill is way smaller than my Mt Everest!

    Happy weekend!

  29. Melissa S. says:

    This booty burner was sooo good! No, really, a super 5 minute workout. Plus, my back wasn’t straight enough until Sasha said squeeze your shoulders together. Seriously, sometimes it’s the little things! My form is so much better … thanks girlies!

  30. I did the booty burner yesterday, and MAN it was a good (and quick!) workout! I’m walking a little funny today πŸ˜‰ Thanks so much for posting it.

  31. Love these exercises and great tips on how to execute them properly! Excellent form as well!

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