Rainy Zumba

Woke up to a lovely surprise this morning….


That liquid stuff that falls from the sky. We don’t see too much of that over here 😉

As hard as it was to crawl out of bed, I LOVE going to work in the rain. I think it’s so cute seeing everyone walking around with their umbrellas and inside the spa feels soooooo cozy. The fact that the classes are usually more packed is a bonus, since the hikes and walks don’t go.


A great day of work for me.. maybe not the best day for an air show.

dr from air show

(The doctor who saved Gabrielle Giffords flew with the Thunderbirds the other day)

The Pilot has done a ton of work with air show stuff, so he’s on base all weekend, and hopefully since it’s started to clear up all of the acts have been able to go. While the guys were out practicing yesterday, there was a sonic boom. Windows shattered and car alarms went off all over Tucson! Crazy.

Just came home to grab a quick lunch


(turkey and egg salad make an awesome combo)

beet salad 

and grab my snacks and Zumba gear.


and am about to head back. Just wanted to say hi, and I’ll edit this post when I get home to include a new Ab burner 🙂

And here it is:

This Ab Burner is intended for with the Captain’s Chair… it looks scary, and it is 😉

captainschair Source

Working out at home? No worries, all of these can be done in the supine position (on your back), either with hands under your low back for support, up behind your head, or in a crunch position with shoulders lifted off the floor (most challenging). If you’re doing these exercises on the floor, don’t let your legs touch the floor unless you’re resting- press them out straight in front of you, as close to the floor as possible.

This ab burner can be performed in addition to a cardio or strength workout, or by itself for a lovely little burn.

As always, check with a doc before making any fitness changes <3 Honor your body and its needs.




Ay, ay, ay Captain Ab Burner

1. Hanging leg raises, bent knees: 30 seconds. Rest 10 seconds

2. Hanging leg raises, straight legs: 30 seconds. Rest 10 seconds

3. Hanging knee up twists: 30 seconds. Rest 10 seconds.

4. Hanging leg raises: 30 seconds (bent or straight legs). Rest 10 seconds.

5. Challenge: windshield wipers, 20 seconds.




Hope you’re enjoying your Saturday!



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  1. I love air shows!! Aren’t they not supposed to do sonic booms over urban areas? I also think they did a Mythbusters episodes on that once…. (can’t remember)

  2. Brittany says:

    I was wondering if you would mention the air show. I am in Boston but I have a friend who lives less then 5 miles from the base (D-M AFB right?) and she and her sister forgot the air show was today and when they heard the thunderbirds fly over their house, they ran out from their rooms and hid under the dining room table!!!!! They thought it was WW III!!!!!! Was it a good one?

  3. LOVE air shows! Every year, the fam goes to Pensacola on vacation and we always make a point to stop and see the Blue Angels practice. My young sons ADORE it.

    LOVING your Zumba gear. The bright colors are fab!

  4. Your salad looks delish. I think I spy Trader Joe’s pre-steemed beets? Love those!

  5. I love air shows! We are close to a base as well and my dad was in the Air Force so he used to take us when we were younger. As far as the Sonic Boom thing goes, I’ve heard a few but the one that I’ll never forget happened just after school on September 11th. There were two jets flying to aid from WPAFB and one gave a sonic boom. Not really an appropraite time for that….scared me to death!

  6. Katherine says:

    rainy days are perfect for hitting the reset button. I’m glad the air show went on, I’ve always loved watching the angels fly out of pensacola. 🙂

  7. Love air shows! I went to my first ever Zumba class this morning! Got my booty kicked!

  8. Cute zumba clothes and I love beets…your salad looks great.

    It rained all day in San Diego on Friday and you guys normally get a version of our weather about 24 hrs later so not surprising you had a storm that moved through. It’s so cold and windy here now. Get ready! 🙂

  9. We’re having a rainy saturday too! That air show sounds fun! Hope everything goes smoothly!!!

  10. I went to a new Zumba class this morning and a woman showed up wearing head-to-toe Zumba gear. For a minute I thought she was a little crazy but then I realized she was the instructor and thought, “This is going to be a great class!” And it was.

  11. We have rain here today, too! And after a fabulous workout and sweat session, I came home for a hot shower and curled up right into my blanket. 🙂

  12. love the neon zumba shirt!

  13. Both my aunt and uncle were both Thunderbirds – my uncle used to fly the planes during those air shows! I have many great memories of going to see him fly. Love seeing the plane on your blog today.

  14. the wrap/ tortilla looks good…what kind is it?

  15. Love your zumba clothes, so colorful and fun!

  16. Recently discovered your blog and love it! Such an inspiration~ thank you! 🙂

  17. Did you feel the sonic boom yesterday? I was driving down speedway when it happened. Definitely crazy! I went to the DM airshow today and it was really great! If your husband was involved in planning it tell him they did a fantastic job 🙂 (especially with the weather)

    • Fitnessista says:

      no i didn’t feel it- my bro did, though!
      he said he was in charge of the thunderbird planning- glad you enjoyed it!

    • My friend lives near the base and the thunderbirds flew over her house. She got so freeked out because she forgot about the air show.

  18. Haha even READING the ab burner directions makes it clear why you call them “burners”. The Captain’s Chair is lethal. It, the swiss ball, and the Bosu make my abs so happy/angry 😉

  19. Air shows are so cool! Wow, the one day it doesn’t rain where you are its super sunny where I live for once! I guess we switched weather 😉 Love those ab exercises you listed!

  20. Great ab workout! Thanks for posting it- I’ll try it out for part of my post-legs core session today. I’ve never seen that exercise called windshield wipers- maybe because it’s called a windscreen here in the UK! 🙂

  21. the salads look so good and i make sure i eat a salad with my dinner every night. thanks for the ab info. wish you and your family a nice sunday.

  22. Hi Gina,

    Is that a brown rice wrap? What brand do you use?

    I know when we have had them, they weren’t very good and
    crumbled when we tried to fold them…..your’s looks really good!

    Also, is there some place I can subscribe to your post by email?
    I tried your link, but it didn’t work for me…..just some scribbling stuff
    came up!

    Thank you and have a blessed day!

    • Fitnessista says:

      hey pam!
      it’s the food for life brown rice wrap- i also love the trader joe’s ones
      i’m sorry the link is broken! i’ll ask my web wizard to take a look for me

      • Thank you, Gina! We’re going to give those wraps another try!

        I hope your linky thing gets fixed without too much trouble,
        SO, that I can sign up for your post……he he! 🙂

        Have a grand day!


  23. I hate rain during the winter, but love it when it’s warm outside! Especially during the summer when the rain plasters the leaves against my window and makes everything look so green!

  24. My God I love the ab chair it kills me and makes me feel so good. Am off to the gym right now for a workout!

  25. Oh my gosh…delicious mouth watering salad and a killer ab workout! I want those both in my life pronto haha!

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