“Spin it to win it” playlist + SD adventures

Hi guys! How’s your day treating you? We’re enjoying a relaxing afternoon after a fun morning at the San Diego Zoo.


(Meerkats —> Lion King —> this honest trailer)

It’s my MIL’s first time in San Diego (and first time at the Pacific Ocean!) and we’ve been taking her to some of our favorite spots. High on the list: a beach morning and lunch at Hodad’s. 


Tom and his mama

At hodads

Hodad’s is an incredible burger spot in Ocean Beach, and since it was featured on the Food Network, it’s always packed. Usually there’s a line wrapped around the building. The walls are adorned with license plates and surfboards, the staff is super chill and friendly, and they blast surf music like “Tequila” and Beach Boys while you happily stuff your face. The burgers will BLOW YOUR MIND. They also have veggie burgers, and wrapped in lettuce with all the sauces and toppings….


it’s everything. Everryyyyyything.

(Also check out the “fring basket” in the background. Fries and onion rings! It’s huge and glorious)

It was a little interesting walking around the zoo today after this week’s teaching adventures. From Bodypump, to spin, to double barre classes last night, my legs are feeling the burn. I think they’ll be happy to shake it out a little in Zumba tonight.

After leg day


Here’s my updated playlist after using some of Jeffrey Scott’s suggestions. I went to Spotify and found Julz Arney (who is a powerhouse Equinox instructor) and got some great new song ideas from her, too. Here’s what this week’s playlist looked like:

Spin it to win it playlist


It was sweaty and glorious as usual. We have new heart rate screens in the club, and it was my first time wearing the instructor pod. They’re a valuable tool to have in classes, especially when you’re first learning how to gage your intensity level. I also like that they’re optional; if you enjoy checking out your stats, you can use one, and if you’d prefer to skip it, NBD.

Photo 170

Hope you’re having an awesome Wednesday! Newsletter subscribers, you’ll be getting the September workout calendar this weekend <3 If you’d like to join in the fun, sign up at the top (under the header) or click the box when you leave a comment.

See ya in the morning!


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  1. Stephanie says:

    oh man the line has been wrapped around the block for Hodad’s years before it made it on the food network unfortunately (or fortunately? haha)! SOOOO GOOD!! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the playlist Gina! Looks like a very fun day at the zoo.

  3. Great tunes! Good timing for me — I’m doing some playlist updating as we speak 🙂

  4. I really love alternate tunes for my cycle classes. I have many of these same ones on my iPod playlist too.

  5. Meerkat is too cute.

  6. That restaurant looks like an all round great experience, and it’s not just in the food. Now that’s how you tell a good restaurant from a great restaurant!

  7. I’d love to receive your newsletter.

  8. i would love having all that data while i work out! i

  9. We have the MyZone at my gym too!! I have had one for a few months and so far I love it! We had to buy it for a one time $75 fee but I love having my own to wear whenever I want to!

  10. Charlsie N says:

    I can’t wait for your news letter. This months goal is to work on meeting every day of your schedule!

  11. Hey Gina! Love your blog, been reading for many years 🙂 Since your redesign, it’s all messed up on my iphone. Your header is tiny, the sidebars are all in weird places, and the actual blog content is all messed up too 🙁 Your blog is one of my favorites…what can I do??? Help!!! Xo

    • Fitnessista says:

      ahhhh! i’m so sorry to hear that :/ i’ve emailed my web designer twice about issues with the mobile version, but unfortunately she’s out of town and having some tech issues. she should be back this weekend. if it’s still screwed up next week, i’ll hire someone else to go in and fix it

      • Thanks for your response 🙂 When checking from my iphone, none of the comments even show up at all! I got the email that you responded to me And even through that link I couldn’t read any of the comments, including your response. I’m on my iPad now and I can’t believe how different your blog looks on here! It looks nothing like this on my phone! Looking forward to reading many more posts….hopefully from my phone 😉 Xo

  12. Love a new playlist, thank you!!

  13. Omg that lettuce wrap veggie burger looks amazing! I want one!!

  14. Haha — my legs are SO sore and I’ve been poking/squeezing them all day. Glad that’s a “thing” and I’m not just a weirdo.

  15. I love places that do lettuce wraps. So jealous that you live at the beach. We’re headed to the Jersey Shore this weekend, I’m so pumped!

  16. I love your playlist! There are a couple of songs on there that I need to download asap!

  17. Aww so cool to see a pic of your mil–she and the Pilot look alike 🙂 That burger place sounds like the bomb diggity, I’ll have to check it out next time I visit SD. I don’t think I am getting your newsletter, so hopefully it’ll work this time!

  18. Hodad’s also has amazing milkshakes! Luckily there’s one in east village now, and there’s also one at Petco park!

  19. That’s a great playlist! I’ve used a ton of them on my running playlists too. The only one that is totally confusing me right now is Take Me To Church. I love that song but always feel super mellow and a little sad after listening to it, that would really bring down my spin speed! But then again, I would totally forget all about it with the other songs on there. I’m a sucker for bass and fast tempo when it comes to workout music.

    Looks like a fun day at the zoo!

    • Fitnessista says:

      that’s why i added it on there; we used it for a slow, HEAVY climb. i think it worked out well! 🙂

  20. Great playlist! I have a ton of cycling playlists on Spotify if you ever need some inspiration:

  21. We walked by that burger place when we were in SD and there was a ginormous line out front. Crazy! We went to a brewery around the corner instead and the food was pretty good!

  22. No, I don’t remember what it was called. Maybe it wasn’t a brewery but just a pub/grill. It was pretty fun and they had lots of different beers. On the corner across from Mexican restaurant I think…

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