Spring Abs Workout

Hi friends! How’s your morning going?

Someone is moving a little slowly today…


but after a walk, she was ready to beg for food start her morning 😉

You guys won’t believe this- we heard from the realtor last night! Apparently the bank is thisclose to accepting our original offer. The house we put an offer on is a short sale, so usually these things take a LONG time, but if they accept today, we could be moving in in 35 days. Please send house vibes our way!


When we’re sitting on the balcony of our new house, drinking a glass of wine, it will make all of the deployments/moving/Air Force yanking us around/missing my Pilot seem much more bearable.


Can’t wait for the limbo phase to be over.

So last night, I got to my mom’s house early for gluten-free night, so Meg, Trev and I went to get froyo to kill time until my bro came home with something gluten-free and delicious.


I only do the cow’s dairy thang every blue moon… and yesterday’s moon was blue 🙂 We went to Yogurt Delight (which is the BEST froyo in Tucson and their flavors change daily) and I ordered a small peanut butter banana swirl. Amazeballz. The banana flavor tasted like banana pudding… I like that a lot 😉

When we got home, Kyle was waiting for us with a gluten-free family of biscuits and a slice of pizza he made in class.


Cute, huh?

I had a bite of the pizza, and took two biscuit people home with me to enjoy for breakfast this morning.


So presh 😀

They were delicious with a smear of goat cream cheese on top 😉

Today I’m off to a couple of appointments and then Zumba-ing tonight. Have a lovely day and I’ll see ya this afternoon! <3



Something to do: Spring Abs Workout! Abs are a funny thing. You can work them out everyday, every other day, hardly ever and it will have very little impact on how they look. Abs are the direct result of extremely clean eats (whole foods, lots of lean protein, moderate healthy fats and smart carbs) and cardio (for fat burning- if you have a six-pack hiding under fat, it’s a little more difficult to see). This workout combines core movements to tone ab muscles (for when they are revealed) + fat-blasting interval training to help burn excess fat. Try it out twice a week (on non-consecutive days) with a doc’s approval. Need help with an eating plan? *Here’s one*

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

1. Warm-up 1 mile Any type of cardio; moderate intensity and pace
2. Burpees 1 minute  
3. Plank 1 minute  
4. Push-ups 1 minute Drop to your knees if you need to
5. Saxon side bends 1 minute 5 lb weights in each hand
6. Jump squats 1 minute Add a light dumbbell to make it more challenging if you’d like
7. Rest 30 seconds  
8. Mountain climbers 1 minute  
9. Rest 30 seconds  
10. Ab burnout 50 sit-ups, 50 crunches, 25 reverse crunches  
11. Cool down and stretch    

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Something to talk about:How often do you work out your abs? (There’s no right answer- I’m just curious!)

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  1. Susanne says:

    I love the workouts you put together for us! I’m excited to give the ab circuit a try. Just looking at it, I can tell it’s going to be pretty awesome!!! I usually work abs every other day.

    Sending good house vibes your way! 🙂

  2. have you had the peanut butter frozen yogurt at the resort? i was obsessed with it back in the days when i worked there!

  3. I’m crossing my fingers and toes for you that the house situation works out! 😀

    I only do abs about 1x per week. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been seeing any changes haha. I’m definitely going to give your workout a go!

  4. i will definitely try this ab workout! what a beautiful view and i will pray that you get an answer soon.

  5. uhhh, those are the cutest biscuits I have EVER SEEN!

  6. Just did your ab workout! I don’t know why people under estimate sit ups and crunches, I was burning by the end!

  7. i just did an ab workout last night and thought, ok well this isn’t really challenging for me and i need to figure something else out to do. thanks for posting this!!

  8. I love that you posted about (visible) abs being the direct result of clean eating and cardio. So many people have jaded thoughts when it comes to that but bottom line is: if you aren’t eating clean, you’ll never see those abs. That is, unless you got really, really, REALLY blessed in the gene pool 🙂

  9. I do abs in some form probably 3 times per week, but I never knew about the transverse abdominal muscles until I read about them in Self magazine just recently! I feel like I’ve been missing out just working out the middle and obliques. Any recommendations besides plank for these muscles?

    Good luck on the house!

  10. Oh, ‘Sista! Merci beaucoup! Just did the abs workout and loved it. I thought it’d be a good idea to run through burpees-mountain climbers twice before the burnout… there was simply no need for that kind of masochism on a Friday. Regardless, I’ll be adding this in 2x per week! Thanks again!

  11. Thank you for this workout! Just did it and it’s KILLER! I love that I can do l the moves at home. I don’t go to a gym – I pay for bikram instead – and I’m always looking for at home workouts with minimal equipment. Thanks again!

  12. Taylore says:

    oh my gosh! as i’ve said before, i go to UA, but more importantly, i LOVE yogurt delight. I love that it’s NOT self-self-serve, like bto and the low cal count! this is so exciting that someone shares me love. the nicest people own it too. 🙂

  13. I’m a little late to this party, but I’m excited to give this a try! I work my abs 2-3 times a week, often as part of a kickboxing class or something. I’ve been frustrated lately though, because it seems like no matter what I do, and no matter how hard and burny it is in the moment, my abs are NEVER sore the next day. Even after Physique 57, nothing. What gives???

  14. tried this workout yesterday at my school’s gym..i always feel awkward because I was doing the circuits where all the heavy lifters at my school lift (university of delaware)..but it was awesome! so hard and challenging..i felt like I was the only one in the gym, besides the big macho guys, giving myself a good workout!

  15. Just attempted this ab burner and was burnin’ by the end. I have been having issues with my shins recently and found the jumps/burpees bother them. Is there another exercise I could substitute that would be just as beneficial?

    Great stuff regardless!!!

  16. Well Its great post. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.


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