What would you ask Tony Horton?

Hi guys! How’s your day going? I’m so happy you liked the barre burner! I’m SUPER STOKED because I found out a method to upload videos faster to YouTube, so I can post workouts more often. My last barre burner took about 3 days to upload (and multiple tries!!!) and this one: 40 minutes. I watched a tutorial online to compress and video and to my total shock, it worked. Yeahhhh.

Livi and I spent the morning walking around the zoo. The animals are wonderful and everything, but I have to say that the highlight is the kettlecorn. We go crazy for it 🙂

Some eats from lately:

A batch of banana almond muffins.

Muffins  1 of 1 5

My new favorite vinaigrette:

Dressing  1 of 1 2

(about 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar, 1/2 cup olive oil, 2 cloves minced garlic, 1 teaspoon Dijon, 1 teaspoon honey and salt and pepper to taste)

It was originally created to go with this kitchen sink salad I made to take over to Whitney’s house, along with some red wine. The salad was spinach, carrots, blueberries, hearts of palm, walnuts, raspberries and cucumber. It sounds like a bizarre combo, but worked out nicely: an awesome balance of savory, crunchy, tangy and sweet. 

Photo 155

A batch of quinoa meatballs from the Choosing Raw cookbook.

Salad  1 of 1 30

We had them for dinner last night -Livi loved them, too!- and I made a salad with them today. Spinach, sheep feta, quinoa balls, marinara and fresh basil. We’ll definitely be making them again!

Some exciting news: I have the opportunity to do a video interview with Tony Horton (!) and would love to hear if there are particular questions you’d like me to ask. I’m a huge fan of his and even though I haven’t done the P90X workouts, I’ve been able to work out live with him at the IDEA conference. He’s hilarious and extremely motivating. I love his laid-back, fun, but “I’m going to destroy your muscles” coaching style.

Beachbody  1 of 1 2

Tony  1 of 1

Here’s what I have for questions so far:

-What a typical day of eating looks like for him. (I think I heard him mention at last year’s IDEA conference that he follows a Paleo-esque diet.)

-What’s his current favorite “get hyped!” workout song.

-What does he recommend to do if someone only has 20 minutes to work out.

-His top 5 fitness and healthy living tips.

Please let me know if you have anything else you’d like me to include! I’m excited to post the video of his responses 🙂

Have a great night!


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  1. How about some suggestions regarding the proper balance between several intense (and condensed) workouts per week and rest days? Or about getting back on the wagon after you have fallen off? I also like tips related to motivation.

  2. Lyndsey says:

    Hi Gina,

    Sounds like a fun opportunity!

    What do you think of the Shakeology product owned and promoted by BeachBody? It seems to have a lot of “superfoods” and supplements, but I’m skeptical on it being “the healthiest meal of the day” they promote it as. Have you tried it?


  3. I’d ask him if he has ever bounced back from any sports injuries!

  4. Oooh, so exciting! I like the questions you have so far, and I’d also love to know if he has one or two fitness benchmarks that he believes everyone should strive towards (i.e. do 10 unassisted pull ups, squat your bodyweight, 30 pushups in a row, run a mile under 8:00, etc.)?

  5. Amber Schumann says:

    Great idea to ask about his fav song to get hyped… I was thinking along the same lines. What gets him ready to kick some fitness ass when he feels like he has ZERO willpower to do anything?

    One food he can’t go a day without
    One food he’d rather die before consuming
    One fitness move that gets the best bang for his buck when constrained for time

    …Boxers or briefs? (HA! j/k)

  6. Quick question , Gina. I haven’t tried your barre burner yet, but you mentioned that you like to switch up your strength routine. How regular should your routine be? I honestly don’t have a set routine–I’m always trying new things (especially your workouts). But I’m wondering if you need a set routine and then switch it up from there??

    • Fitnessista says:

      i don’t think you need a regular routine at all, you just need a balanced one. i rarely do the same things week to week because of my teaching schedule, and also because i get bored easily! changing things up is a great way to keep your body guessing, but i’d be sure to include a mix of strength, steady state cardio, flexibility, rest and HIIT.

  7. I make a very similar vinaigrette – yummy!

  8. I would definitely want to know his eating for a day!

  9. It’d be fun to know a day in the life of him…I am sure each day is unique, but it’s always fun to get a glimpse! What a great opportunity. Can’t wait to watch the video!

  10. Lauren Majdosz says:

    That is so awesome that you get to interview Tony Horton. I am a huge fan too and actually currently in block 3 of p90x3. The new 30 minute format is great. It sounds like you haven’t done the p90x programs though I would be curious to know what your thoughts are on them? Tony applies some real methodological training techniques like eccentric movements and Post Activation Potentiation among others.

    So my questions are more p90x focused then general, though I am wondering what is next after p90x3, will there be a p90x4? He already got the program down to 30 minutes, so how does he see fitness evolving from there?

    Also, I’m curious about what he recommends to do to maintain fitness post-p90x3 (especially for the folks that get bored and don’t want to do another round). I’ll be doing you Summer Shape Up, though just curious what his thoughts are. I have heard him give silly responses like go skiing and use your body, etc…

    Again awesome opportunity! Good luck!

  11. Yaara Leve says:

    I’m curious–do you ever still do Turbo fire? I know Chalene is coming out with a bunch of new Piyo workout DVDs which looks awesome! I did Turbo several years ago and liked it–but I just got really tired of it after awhile. It’s gets really repetitive–if you know what I mean.
    Also–my body did NOT LIKE all the jumping!

  12. I would like to know what his weekly fitness routine typically looks like and how he builds in eat/recovery.

  13. Before interviewing Tony, you should definitely watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kI49igIXKOw

    Seriously had me cracking up! But he’s obviously a really nice guy.

  14. First I LOVE hearts of palm! More than artichoke hearts. It’s a little outrageous how much a single can costs though… Good thing I’m the only one in the house that really likes them 🙂

    Second, excited you’ll be at Idea as well! I’ll be at Blogfest before Idea World and am looking forward to doing a workout with Tony. Before our wedding I did his whole P90x program with my husband and loved it!

  15. So excited to see you and the other ladies speaking at Blog Fest! Can’t wait!

  16. Hi Gina,
    I’m loving the summer shape up workouts! Tony is great and you’ll have the best time interviewing him. I’ve met him a few times when he’s been up here in Mammoth.
    I don’t know if this is appropriate, but I’ll be in San Diego in a couple weeks and would love to come take a class from you. Can you share with me where you teach?

  17. Hi Gina, I’ve been reading your blog for ages but have never commented until now – I love Tony! I would love to hear his opinion on resistance bands vs weights, since he and lots of other trainers treat them as interchangeable but obviously they don’t exactly work the same way.

    Also I love your blog and can’t wait until my little pixie girl is old enough to enjoy the zoo, and I’ll have the excuse to geek out at the animals haha!

  18. I did a few 10 minutes workouts from Tony Horton and he IS hilarious! Such a fun way to coach and teach.

    Quinoa meatballs look so good! They remind me of the Falafel balls we have here a lot.

  19. Kettle corn is my favorite! BlogFest sounds like it’s going to be an awesome conference. Have so much fun!

  20. Lindsey says:

    I will be in SD next week and would LOVE to take one of your classes! Where do you teach? Hope you don’t mind me asking 🙂

  21. I have done P90X w/ my Husband, and we LOVED it. I stuck with it the whole time, and really got some amazing results – Not only body strength, but more importantly, a healthy mind/ body connection that I hadn’t nurtured for a while. When I did the workouts, it naturally caused me to eat better, feel more confident, be stronger for my kids, have more energy & SLEEP BETTER! Thanks Tony. I heart you.

    My question for Tony:
    If you weren’t a fitness guru, what career would you pursue?
    Name either: A current habit you are trying to break OR A past challenge you have overcome.
    Who is your hero? And why?

    I like questions that make the person raw & “human.” 🙂

    You are so fortunate to have the opportunity to talk with him!

  22. I’d like to know his travel tips on staying healthy!

  23. Ashlee Lackovic says:

    Ooh you get interview Tony Horton?! That’s awesome!! I would want to know his biggest struggle when it comes to working out and fitness.

    Also, that dressing looks YUMMY 🙂

  24. So amazing that you get to interview him! I’ve done both p90x and p90x3 and have noticed considerable improvements in my strength and muscle definition from both. Some questions to maybe ask him:

    If we could only do 5 workout moves for the rest of his life, what would they be?

    Favorite form of cardio?

    Good luck!

  25. I would ask Tony Horton to please give some advice to the newbies out there, who are just beginning to excercise. What is a good introductory plan for beginners?

  26. What a fun opportunity for you! Tony is one of the nicest dudes I’ve had the pleasure to spend time with. He’ll roll with whatever you ask him. He crazy about yoga and how life-changing it can be, so you might consider asking him about the best way for folks new to yoga to incorporate it into their lives (especially for us all on the go-go-go).

    Have fun, Gina!

  27. Danielle Roseboom says:

    Hey I did the barre workout 2x great video … i love your videos they are so helpful. Is there anyway you add the link to the videos from winter shape up …. i still like to do those and i am having a hard time finding all 4 weeks.
    I was reading your post about calorie intake vs burned calories how do you figure out how many calories a workout burns?? I have been at a plateau and I am unsure if I am getting too many or not enough at this point? Your blog about it couldn’t have come at a better time!!!

  28. Do you have that link for the tutorial about uploading longer videos? I have a video of my grandma I have tried numerous times but failed because it’s a half hour long.

  29. I’d love to hear from both of you on:
    Thoughts on cleanses? Generally I’m pretty against them because I think people generally do them for the wrong reasons our believe bad marketing hype. Are there benefits though?

    Also, advice for helping friends who say they want to change their lifestyle and are unhappy, but aren’t really willing to make any changes?

  30. Hi Gina. Tony is great! Best of luck with the interview!

    Here are a few questions. Someone touched upon the first one earlier in regards to Tony’s personal favorites so not sure if his reply would be differ.

    Few questions to consider:

    1. What do you feel are the five most important strength training exercises?
    2. What strength training exercise is most often performed incorrectly by individuals? What are individuals doing incorrectly?
    3. What does he feel is his greatest career accomplishment? What has been his greatest challenge?

    Thanks for the barre workout. Thanks for the suggestion of other workouts to combine with it.

  31. I would love to ask Tony Horton how he applies his motto “do your best, and forget the rest” in his own life. He says that all the time in the P90x series, and it was always so helpful to me. Not just with the excruciating workouts, but in many difference faucets of my life.

    I’d also like to know out of all the workout series he has done for Hard Bodies and maybe on his own – what does he recommend? Does he think P90x is the best or would he recommend another workout series/video?

    That’s great you got to workout with him live! He’s a hoot on the videos; I’d imagine he’s even better in person.

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