10 ways to plank

Planks are one of my all-time favorite core exercises.

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(It looks like Vies!)

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the tricks I’ve learned is that the maximum amount of time you should hold a plank is 10 seconds, because after that you start to engage and depend on other muscles to keep you up (especially your shoulders). An effective way to plank is to hold it for 10 seconds, rest for 3, and repeat as many times as you’d like (I usually go for 6). Try it- you may find it’s a lot more challenging than holding a plank for a minute straight.

Some more planking tips:

-Try to keep your body in a straight line from your ears to your ankles

forearm plank

(gaze is best about a foot in front of your hands so your spine is straight. My head is up a little too much in the photo)

-If you’re not feeling challenged enough with a plank variation, raise one leg up

-Keep your core engaged- it’s tempting to let it all hang out

Here are some of my favorite plank variations:



1) Alternating planks with push-ups: Try holding a plank for 10 seconds, followed by 2 push-ups. Repeat 6 times.

2) The saw: as you keep your plank position, slide your torso two inches forward. Hold for a second before sliding back to start position

3) Forearm plank with one leg: you can either alternate lifting legs, lift one leg and hold it, or lower and lift the same leg

4) Plank with knee tuck and leg extension: for this version, you’ll round your spine and contract your abs as you bring your knee in towards your chest, then extend your leg straight out behind you (#3)

5) Side plank with hip drops: lower your hips to just above the floor, then bring back up.

6) Side plank with a twist: start in full side plank position, then bring your arm that isn’t holding your body up under your torso as you contract your obliques and twist.

7) Side plank with leg abduction: same thing as described in this exercise. Make sure to keep your body flat, like you’re a piece of toast going into the toaster as you lift and lower your leg.

8) Plank with knee to elbows: keep your spine long and strong as you bring each knee (alternating, unless you can levitate) to your elbows 😉

9) Forearm plank with a hip drop: (not pictured) for this, you’ll do the same as #5, but facing forward in a regular forearm plank. You’ll alternating twisting to drop each hip towards the floor

10) Up and down plank: start on your forearms and alternate each hand up onto your palms (full plank), then back down to your forearms


And remember, friends, the best visible abbies are made on the track (or cardio machine of choice) and in the kitchen.

Last night we enjoyed a veggie-full meal over here:

bliss bowl 

“Bliss in a Dish” from “Let Them Eat Vegan!”


(Pinkie is still holding on… by a thread)

I made the recipe as the book instructed, and steamed the artichokes (which were originally frozen) and the potatoes in the steamer:


went for a walk while they steamed:


and then came home to put everything in the oven.

Drizzled the veggies with an olive oil impulse buy:

olive oil

and enjoyed mine atop a bed of greens with Goddess dressing and the Pilot ate his with brown rice. It was pretty glorious.

This morning I’m off to work- it’s a Zumba day- and am taking my friend her food containers since she made me lunch on Saturday.

chocolate tart

It somehow filled itself with raw chocolate tart 😉

Hope you have a happy humpday <3



Something to talk about: What’s your favorite plank variation? Any fun ones that I missed?

A challenge: 

pick 3 planks from above and bust them out (if you’re injury-free, of course):

-pick a stationary plank and hold for 10 seconds, rest for 3, repeat 5x (for total of 60 seconds of planking)

-pick a single leg plank and alternate right and left 12 times

-pick your favorite plank and either do one more minute of planking (with the 10 seconds on, 3 seconds rest) or alternate right and left 12 times

After you do it, leave a comment and let me know what planks you chose!! Plank you very mucho.


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