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Hey friends! Happy Friday! I’m back in Tucson after a whirlwind trip to Santa Barbara for the CJ University conference.

Santa barbara 2

It was my first time in SB, and I think we need to go back asap for a family vacation. It was insanely gorgeous with picturesque beach and mountain views, amazing food (#allthetacos), and all of the locals were so kind and friendly. It was a short but wonderful trip. 

W tina and nicole (With Tina and Nicole)

When Under Armour invited me to attend the conference and collaborate on a future post (so many amazing things on the way for holiday!!), I agreed instantly. CJ (Commission Junction) is a platform that I’ve used and loved for years now, and was really looking forward to meeting my CJ friends. I feel like I’ve *known* them this entire time, so it was so awesome to be able to hang out with them in real life. I also got to meet some other influencers that were invited to represent various brands, including Merrick, Cori, Elly, Nicolette, and Kim. I also spent a lot of time catching up with OG blog friends Tina and Nicole

At cj u

The most memorable moment of the conference for me was the keynote speech by Dan Heath. (Here’s his book, which I can’t wait to read!) He spoke about the power of moments and how certain special touches can take an experience from mediocre to profound. The best example was this hotel in LA. It’s the #2 hotel in ALL of LA and at first glance, it looks pretty forgettable. It’s an older hotel with very modest offerings, small balconies, and the rooms aren’t anything extravagant. The things that take it to the next level that keep people raving and coming back for more: a snack delivery menu with free snacks and candy 24/7, a red phone by the pool (the popsicle hotline! When you pick up the phone, someone answers and says, “Popsicle hotline. We’ll be right there” and then a man in a suit delivers popsicles to the pool on a silver tray), board game rentals, free laundry service, and movie rentals. It was an excellent speech – one part was a major tearjerker – and welcomed reminder to find extra ways to connect and create memorable experiences.

While we were at the conference, we attended some sessions and brand meetings, networked on the patio with blood orange champagne and desserts,


hit up a beach cocktail hour,

Beach party

For the shoes

walked the Pier,

and one night… I slept for 10 hours. I definitely needed it after everything that’s been going on lately and woke up feeling like a new human. 

I’m back to unpack my suitcase, do some laundry, and then start repacking because we’re headed to Disney. I’ll be sure to report back with the adventures and share the fun on IG stories!

Now, it’s time for the weekly Friday Faves party! This is where I share some of my top finds from the week and around the web. I’d love to hear what you’re loving, too, if you’d shout out a fave in the comments below.

Fashion + beauty:

Express dresses FTW. I was looking for a dress to wear to the party and came across this one at Express. I love the color for fall and I’ll definitely wear it again with booties and hoop earrings. 

Express wrap dress

(Shoes in this pic are Steve Madden)

The Beautycounter lipgloss motherload. Arsy sent me the full Beautycounter lipgloss set as a celebration for hitting Director last month. She knows I’m obsessed and always have one with me, and now I have so many new colors to try. If you haven’t tried the lip glosses yet, I promise they’re the BEST. 


Read, watch, listen:

Won’t You Be My Neighbor. Is it ok to make this a fave even though I haven’t watched it yet? I feel like it will be because I <3 Mister Rogers and so wish he was still around. It will likely made me dinosaur cry on the airplane, but I’m ready for it. 

Wont you be my neighbor pbs

A friendly reminder to check those ta-tas. (It’s a video, just in case you’re at work!)

What are your simple pleasures? Some of mine: lighting a candle for the first time. little feet thumping to our room in the night, a handwritten note, chocolate-glazed donuts, new running sneaks.

What to ask yourself when you feel overwhelmed.

Food + recipes:

These pumpkin spice gluten-free waffles. They’re a little more crumbly than the gf waffles I usually get, but the flavor is just right. It’s not overwhelming with spices and they’re perfect with almond butter. 

I need these curry noodle bowls.

Sunshine smoothie bowl


This full HIIT and Strength workout video! It’s only 20 minutes and a serious sweat festival. 

My friend Jen launched some new strength training and running plans

Strength and cardio heavy lower body workout

20-minute power yoga flow

Updated Fit Guides are coming a week from Monday!! Get ready, friends 🙂 

Happy Friday! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see ya soon. I’m continuing to send prayers for safety to all of my friends in the Carolinas and in Florence’s path. 



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  1. GeeAnn on September 14, 2018 at 10:41 am

    I did the HIIT and Strength workout this video and it was such a good one! It was short but I was dripping sweat about halfway through!

    • GeeAnn on September 14, 2018 at 10:42 am

      I meant to say this morning instead of this video haha

    • Fitnessista on September 14, 2018 at 11:26 am

      YAY i’m so glad you liked it!

    • Fitnessista on September 17, 2018 at 1:54 am

      so awesome! i’m happy you liked it 🙂

  2. Kat on September 14, 2018 at 10:57 am

    Hi Gina! Where are your leopard print flats from? Love them!

  3. Christabel on September 14, 2018 at 12:26 pm

    That book looks so good. The lipgloss set is enough to try one every day for almost two week! So fun!

  4. jodie on September 14, 2018 at 2:22 pm

    Those are the only waffles I buy. I need to research Beauty Counter, and congrats on making Director thats so awesome. Great blog post as always.

  5. Kara on September 14, 2018 at 6:29 pm

    My office is within walking distance of all those places in the photos. Fun fact: way back in the day I went to prom where your conference was held. : ) So glad you enjoyed SB!

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