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Vegemite! It’s huge in Australia, and I’ve become good friends with a girl who is staying in Tucson from Australia for a while. Yesterday, I asked her if she liked Vegemite, and she said, “I have tubes of it in my room! I’ll bring you one.” Today we had a Vegemite tasting party. I put a little on my finger and had it the proper way when I came home: a thin layer on toast with lots of butter. It was gloriously salty. 

I also had a very special mug of cereal- the kind that magically refills itself.

Cereal 2

It just seems to know if you need more milk to finish your cereal, and then more cereal to finish your milk. It goes on and on for a while 😉

Dinner was from PF Chang’s, which always makes me a little nostalgic:

Pf changs

For newer readers who may not know the story, the Pilot and I met at Starbucks (the details are here) and our first date was at PF Chang’s. It ended up lasting for hours and at the time, I was too young to enjoy a bottle of wine with him (my 21st birthday was a month after we met). He kept asking if I wanted to order some wine with dinner and I was so embarrassed to say “um, I’m not 21 yet.” Anyways, he didn’t end up being a serial killer like I had first thought (he was wayyyyy too nice, which freaked me out after my history with not-so-nice guys) and I survived chicken lettuce wraps without making a giant mess on myself.

It was pretty amazing to eat chicken lettuce wraps with the same guy while our baby sleeps upstairs <3

Pf changs 2


Thank you so much for your feedback on the Tabata Thursday video! I’m so, so happy you liked it <3

This year’s Summer Shape Up has been so much fun – I can’t believe we only have a little over a week left! It’s a sprint to the finish line, friends. If you’ve been following the Shape Up and have seen amazing results, please send me your success stories and/or blog post links (fitnessista at gmail dot com subject: SSU SUCCESS). I’m going to put together a little re-cap at the end with your amazing pictures and stories.

Today, I took workout 4 for a little test drive and whoaaaaa….

words were said,

Week 4 face

and faces were made 😉

Gonna crash out early tonight! See ya in the morning with some of my fave pics from the week.



Something to talk about: Any fun uses for Vegemite? Do you have a cereal mug that magically refills itself? What are your workout plans tomorrow, or are you taking a rest day after the Tabata triumph?

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  1. Claire on June 29, 2012 at 3:14 pm

    I’m Australian and I love vegemite!!! I’m impressed that you like it, it’s usually an acquired taste haha. Also it’s SO hard to get over here in the states. Marmite is not the same but it costs a fortune to order the good stuff from Aus! I’m all out at the moment so have an extra piece of vegemite toast for me would ya? 🙂

  2. Mac on June 30, 2012 at 8:14 am

    I went to Australia and brought some back for my family to try, was not a hit in our household, but fun to try.

  3. Sarah on July 1, 2012 at 12:09 am

    I love my Vegemite! I have it every morning on my toast!! Being that I’m Aussie, it’s not a big surprise!

  4. Nicola NZ on July 1, 2012 at 5:28 pm

    I LOVE Vegemite but we also have a similar product called Marmite over here in NZ. It has a slightly different taste and is a bit saltier. Unfortunately the factory that makes it got damaged in the large earthquake we had last February and there has been none on the shelves for about 3 months. I think we are all having major withdrawal symptoms! Vegemite is just not the same!

  5. Sarah NZ on July 1, 2012 at 7:37 pm

    I’m also a New Zealand Marmite fan! Try your Vegemite on toast with avocado on top (better than it sounds), or in a grilled cheese sandwich – those are my two favourite uses for Marmite!

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