2014 Holiday Gift Guide for the holiday hostess


Hostess gift ideas

Holiday gift guide fun continues! This gift guide is for those holiday parties when you don’t want to arrive empty-handed. A bouquet of flowers and/or bottle of wine are always safe (and appreciated!) options, but if you want to step out of the box a little, here are some ideas for the hostess with the mostess. These would also make perfect gifts for your foodie friends who love to cook and entertain.

(Disclaimer: this gift guides are not sponsored in any way, and companies are not able to sponsor a spot on these lists. These are all things I picked myself with hopes that the’d make someone’s day and make holiday shopping a little easier! Affiliate links are included, which have no impact on purchase price, but I do earn a small commission. Thank you so much for supporting this little blog.)

Hostess gift ideas2

-A unique type of liquor, tequila or whiskey, depending on their tastes. My cousin surprised the Pilot with an awesome bottle of tequila, and we think of him every time we break it out. 

-Something for breakfast the next day. Some lovely options: a hearty bread with homemade jam, or homemade granola and almond milk.

-Fancypants sea salts or olive oil.

-A flower arrangement that you put together. (No need for them to cut stems and find a vase.) A love to buy little bouquets and put them in a vintage vase (found at Goodwill on the cheap) or a Mason jar tied with a simple bow.

Whisk necklace. Perfect for someone who loves to bake!

-Potted herbs. This is a fun way to switch it up from the usual flowers, and during the holiday season, Trader Joe’s has the cute rosemary trees.

Box of chocolates. Always a good choice. It’s also fun to pick up sweet treats from a local bakery, like the Cravory (best cookies) in San Diego.

Festive coasters. If you’re planning in advance, you could make some personalized ones, too.

Sassy apron and favorite cookbook. Antho has the cutest aprons, and I love their cookbook selection. 

Cakebox. So fun for transporting holiday treats!

Any fun hostess gift ideas? I’d love to hear them. 🙂



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  1. I love that apron!! An apron and a cookbook would make such a fun hostess gift! I never thought of that, but it is a really great idea for the hostesses that just love to cook!

  2. Such a cute apron! I have my eye on a spiralizer. I always think a cook book is great too.

  3. Great ideas Gina! Love the apron and the whisk necklace! So cute.

  4. This is such a cute gift guide! Love the whisk necklace 🙂

  5. The whisk necklace! That is adorable and so pretty!

  6. Aughhh that apron is adorable, I’ve been looking for one for my mom! Bingo! Thanks Gina 😀

  7. I love the idea of bringing baked goods. I’m always bringing my friends my healthy muffins and breads.

  8. Looove these ideas, especially the necklace 😀

  9. Cute picks! I love that apron!

  10. I think it’s always good to give fancy olive oil to someone who cooks or some nice champagne. Great gift ideas!

  11. Perfect! Going to a holiday party next week and wanted to bring something other than a bottle of wine (I’ll save that for myself:) ) Thanks for the ideas!

  12. I like bringing champagne but if it’s a friend who has kids I like to bring something for them- I feel like it’s more appreciated !

  13. Love the necklace!! such cute ideas!

  14. Love that cute apron! I never wear one myself, but I always think they’re so cute on others!

  15. That cake box is super fun!

  16. Hey Gina!!!

    I’m doing a PiYo 60 Day Challenge, and today we had to post a picture of someone who inspires us that will help us get through the challenge. I said: Gina Harney of The Fitnessista blog. She has inspired me for a few years now-a military wife, mama of an adorable little girl, fitness instructor, author, blogger, etc. Her story is great and she has such a passion to help others truly live and celebrate a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

    Thank you so much for all that you do, you have no idea what a blessing you are!!

  17. I love the idea of bringing your guests breakfast for the next morning. So unique and out of the box but thoughtful. This gift guide will definitely come in handy and gives me some good ideas for my dad. He loves spending time in the kitchen!

  18. I love the idea of potted herbs! I would love to receive that! Haha!

    Love these gift guides! Keep em coming!!

  19. Katherine K says:

    The classiest girl I know once showed up with a hostess gift for me of a mini set of fancy spices (it was a Halloween party, and there were 4 different kinds of cinnamon). I still think of how awesome and unexpected it was!

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