An elf in Zumba clothing

Hi! How’s your Monday going?  I started the day off with BODYPUMP -the triceps track gets me every.time- and am hanging out here during Liv’s nap before getting for spin. I’m excited to add some new songs to my playlist this afternoon!

Everyone’s getting into the holiday spirit. 

Ob holiday

In OB, there is an ENORMOUS peace sign-adorned Christmas tree, covered in lights. It’s perfect. Last night, Liv and I grabbed hot cocoa and went to check it out. It’s been fun to see the various seasonal events they have here in San Diego. I’ve Googled around, and am excited to check out the bay parade, The Grinch, and The Nutcracker with the fam. If you’re local and know of any upcoming fun family activities, please let me know!

We have our own tree up, and the house is filled with a mix of pine candles (ok, so those are around all year), snowmen,

Decor  1 of 1 2

Decor  1 of 1 4

Decor  1 of 1

and Trader Joe’s wreaths. The Pilot laughed because I was an elf in Zumba costume, scurrying around decorating and wrapping this weekend. 😉

Decor  1 of 1 3

Speaking of elves, elf on the shelf is back, but is a different elf since ours has disappeared (with the rest of the Christmas decorations, which we’ll probably find when we move again). 😉 This is Sparkle, and I thought it would be fun inspiration for acts of kindness with Liv this season.

Sparkle  1 of 1

Last year, our elf was a bit of a party animal, but we all agreed (via Instagram) that Sparkle’s cheeky side can come out at night after Liv is sleeping. 

On Saturday night, we were going to watch the OB parade, but parking was pretty intense. Instead, we headed to Bo-Beau Kitchen (our fave!)


but ended up eating at 3rd Corner because the wait at Bo-Beau was pretty long. We’ve had 3rd Corner for brunch (it’s fantastic!!) and the dinner was just as amazing. Cheese board (which included a chocolate-coated goat cheese), cioppino and Malbec; everything that’s good in the world. 😉

Capped it off with a night at Mission: 

At mission2

Hope you have a great night! See ya in the morning with another giveaway! Hint: it involves shoes…



Do you do elf on a shelf? I ended up changing the words when I read the story to Liv last night. It was all very Big Brother to me hahah.

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  1. For some reason the elf on the shelf really creeps me out. The kids I used to nanny had one and I used to turn it around when they were sleeping because I couldn’t take those little eyes watching me!

  2. I love how festive your house is! It’s beautiful and clean and tidy and so ready for santa.

  3. I don’t do elf on a shelf…actually, I don’t really know what it is per se. I need to read more about it. I do love how you are using the elf to incorporate acts of kindness though for Liv. What a great idea and a nice way to give back during the holiday season.

  4. I love San Diego! My aunt lives there and we visit once a year. A couple of times we’ve gone for Christmas it’s so much fun! I love seeing your pictures because it transports me instantly!

  5. I have heard of Elf on a Shelf, but I have never done it or really fully know what it involves. Love your decorations!

  6. SHOES?! I am guessing skyscapes!!! 🙂

  7. Sparkle’s note to Liv made me teary. You really are an inspiration in all areas of life. Thank you for that.

  8. Omg I LOVE the Santa One Night Only sign! It’s super rainy, icy, and cold in New England today…dreaming of OB and 80 degree weather. 🙂

  9. How sweet are those vintage-style Christmas signs you have up?! They call to me. Where did you find such things?

  10. Beautiful decorations!

  11. I love your decorations! Do you remember where you got your vintage Xmas signs?

    Livi is so cute. Makes me reminiscence when you post about San diego it’s my hometown.:) have a nice week!,

  12. Crystal B says:

    I TOTALLY elf on the shelf. I planned each day, way back before Halloween. I have a special elf box that all my supplies are in. Planning it out that way makes it super easy for me to do it each night. Our elf doesn’t “watch” our kiddo, though. He is just there to have fun and learn good behavior.

  13. I was thinking about doing the elf on the shelf things this year with my son, but maybe next year. I’ve seen some really cute things done with it though. I love the service idea!

  14. Hey! I’m a local fellow military spouse so thought I would recommend a few more Christmas events for you. 🙂 Del Mar has a “festival of lights” every year at the fairground where they have an awesome lights display you can drive through. December Nights at Balboa Park is also awesome, but was last weekend. Hotel Del in Coronado has all kinds of Christmas themed events throughout December, many of which are kid oriented. There’s also a holiday celebration in Old Town this weekend that’s fun. Petco Park has a family friendly Holiday Wonderland event is does on December nights and I know you already mentioned going, but I can’t recommend The Grinch enough. It’s always an awesome play 🙂

    • Fitnessista says:

      love those ideas! thank you so much! i’m wondering if the grinch will be too scary for liv? hopefully she’ll be ok with it because i really want to go!

  15. Your decorations look very festive! You’re missing a stocking though? There’s only 4! I hope Bella shares with Caro 😉

  16. Where is your cute striped shirt from?! I love it!

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