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Sabino canyon

Hi from Tucson!! Liv and I got here yesterday morning, after an early Orange Theory class -it was hard to wake up, but I always love to get in an early workout on travel days- and packstravaganza. My last flight alone with Liv was when she was 4 months old (to Vegas!), and just as we figured, she loved it. She’s mildly obsessed with airplanes, so she was stoked to be riding in one. I got her these cool kids’ headphones for her to watch a show on the iPad, but we spent more time snacking and looking through Skymall together. The amazing flight made up for the disaster that is traveling with toddler gear. At the San Diego airport, I was shuffling around with a carseat strapped to my back, two backpacks, two suitcases, and Liv until a magical fairy made a cart appear in front of us. That made the trip to the ticket counter less horrifying. I know better for next time haha.

Traveling girl

Since we’ve been here, we’ve already had some fun adventures, including:

lunch at Baggin’s ( a Tucson classic)

relaxing/naptime at the madre’s (and cranking along on shirt orders! I’m so so excited to get the Kale Yeah shirts ordered while I’m here this weekend)

this amazing salad at Eclectic Cafe


(the “crunch” chopped salad! My homemade version is here)

a carousel that went much faster than anticipated,


(mom and Liv were riding the bench behind us)

ice cream cones the size of faces,


a chipotle chocolate truffle,

Photo 3 16

and wonderful time with the fam.

Four generations

(Four generations <3)

Some more faves from the week and around the web:

Unfortunate fashion trends of the 00’s. I participated in almost all of these… and admit that I still like henleys.

Not only did this girl run the NYCM, she took selfies with cute runner guys along the way. Talent.

Planning for Thanksgiving! Even though the fam makes an insane spread, I always like to think of something to contribute to the feast. I’m not sure what it will be this year!

Everything about this video makes me so happy. It also makes me miss the 80s.

“If you could change one thing about your body, what would it be?”

Any faves to share?? Link away! What’s on the fitness plan for the weekend?

Happy Friday!


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  1. I also have to admit to participating in a few (ok, maybe a lot) of those 00’s fashion trends! I was a huge fan of shell necklaces and shrug sweaters 🙂
    Happy family weekend to you.

  2. Ah yes! I participated in way too many of those terrible trends and I’m still hanging on to the juicy stuff even though it’s been years since I’ve worn it in public. Too Funny!

  3. That chocolate truffle looks AMAZINGGG!! That link to 2000s fashion trends is hilarious! Makes you wonder what trends of today will be made fun of in 15 years…!

  4. That salad looks yum-licious! I still have platform flip flops.:) Have fun with the fam.

  5. I love the change your body question video. I think we all want mermaid tails, adult or not.

  6. I’m not much of a salad person when I go out to eat but your salad looks amazing!

  7. How does Liv deal with planes? I remember having to “chew my ears” on the way down because they hurt and popped.

  8. what’s wrong with henleys?! they’re the perfect length to cover your butt when you want to wear leggings as pants. 🙂 I still rock them.

    I’ll be traveling to Texas with a 2.5 yr old and a 3 month old by myself next week. Pray for meeeee haha. I also got Tripp some headphones that he is VERY excited about. What am I VERY excited about? That he will finally sit still long enough to watch a whole movie. #winning

  9. How lucky that your little one does well on planes! This weekend is pretty low key, but now that Mitch is almost six weeks old we are getting out more and exploring.

    Favorite link is anything with Jimmy Fallon!

  10. Is it sad that I actually really want to sport a pair of Liv’s shoes?? Fam time is the best, nothing beats it. Enjoy your weekend!

    • Fitnessista says:

      when i bought them, i was like “i kind of want these in my size…” 😉
      hope you have a great weekend, too!

  11. Wow so nice you could go home! I hope you are having a wonderful time! Bet Livi is loving be back, close by family! (And of course you too.)

  12. OMG I want the grown up version of Livi’s entire outfit. I think you may have a future pilot on your hands with that love of airplanes. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Oh my… The marathon runner article is hilarious! Liv is so cute! Have fun in Tucson!

  14. Looks like a wonderful trip! Enjoy.

  15. I have to admit that I participated in just about all of those fashion trends!

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  16. Yep, now I am craving ice cream! Good thing it’s not raining (for once) today, because now I can look slightly less strange as I devour it. 🙂

    Have an amazing time in Tucson!

  17. Just started New Rules of Lifting for Women last week – so that’s on the agenda this weekend!

    Looks like you’re having a great trip – enjoy every single second!!

  18. OMG I love Baggins. That’s one thing I mss about Tucson. All the quaint one off restaurants.

  19. Alexandria says:

    Have you seen the T Swift version of the 80’s workout video? AMAZE!!!!!!

    Also the four generations picture is so beautiful. <3!

  20. Wow. I hardly participated in ANY of those unfortunate fashion trends. Dresses and jeans, definitely, because I was in college, and that was the only form of experimentation I was comfortable with. And those Henley shirts were comfortable! I’m feeling nostalgic. I’d totally wear jeans and dresses again!

  21. Flying with a 2.5 y/o and up is way better than younger kiddos! My kids have cute animal headphones that they love. I checked out the fashion trends link and I’d say that some of those things are still in! Don’t people still wear shrugs and henleys??

  22. What a wonderful trip! How amazing are truffles!? This weekend I”m doing a lot of school work.. ugh!

  23. I bet it is hard to travel with a toddler, and how lovely that someone gave you a cart. I’m loving the nice fall weather in San Francisco right now, as well as a new gym bag, and some delicious new fresh juices I’ve had the chance to try. But mostly, I’m loving the fact that we’re getting so close to Thanksgiving!! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  24. In case you missed it, the 80’s video was recently set to Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off. Hilarious!

    Thankfully, I skipped over many of the 90’s trends, but I already see some of them back in style (hello camo!). And what was the celeb couple that did the Brit/Justin matching denim a couple weeks ago??

    Have a great time back home!

  25. um, that truffle looks divine!

  26. yay for family time! have a great weekend.

  27. Can I have that truffle?! It looks amazing!

  28. Ha! There are definitely some hideous fashion trends on that list and some that don’t bother me as much. For the record, I think shrug sweaters are super cute for barre classes. Very classical ballerina. And henleys don’t bother me at all. Chunky flip flops, however, so guilty (hangs head in shame).

  29. Oh, Baggins, how I love thee. The one by my mom’s house on Broadway & Rosemont closed, so I need to seek out a new location for my Tucson visits.

  30. So much fun!
    I love the fashion trends link, haha!

  31. Enjoy your time with you family! I have a 12 miler planner for tomorrow but going to do your barre workout tonight!

  32. Definitely did henleys, ruffle skirts, faux juicy track bottoms ( I could only afford a bottom and not a top haha), shrug sweaters, jeans with no pockets and bare midriffs. Oh high school…

  33. It’s funny that you posted the unfortunate fashion trends of the ’00s—I was thinking the other day if we would all look back at our current “LEGGINGS EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME/sporting active wear as fashion” as the velour track suits of the 2000s! haha

  34. Platform flip flops were my life freshman year of college – I remember a shorter guy friend of mine hated them because they gave all the sorority girls even more height over him, haha! Thanks for sharing! Have a blast in T-town!

  35. Fellow U of A grad here! Baggin’s was my go-to lunch spot! I”m just sad I didn’t discover it until my senior year…Love your blog!! Bear down 😉

  36. The 00’s fashion trends….so funny and so sad and so true!!! Guilty for sure!

    Have a great weekend with your family! Looks like you’re off to a great start. I’m looking forward to a special family weekend as well 🙂

  37. I always get anxiety for parents on toddlers on planes, and I don’t even have a baby. So happy to hear that traveling with Liv is easy. PS. I laughed so hard when I first saw those marathon selfies!

    • Fitnessista says:

      hahah i always get anxiety flying.. even when it’s just by myself 😉 thankfully, it was NBD. and yes, the marathon selfies were amazing!

  38. It looks like an awesome trip already! Love the carousel pic, haha 🙂 Does Liv still remember old routines in AZ or is she totally adapted to being a California girl now? I’ve always wondered how much younger kids remember when they move.

    • Fitnessista says:

      she seems to have fallen back in the swing of things! i think she’s finally starting to understand that we don’t live in the same city as family any more

  39. Omg all those 00’s trends! I thought I looked so cute rocking so many of them! haha

  40. I used to live in platform flip flops haha love that article thanks for sharing xo C

  41. Hope you’re having fun with family! Your mom looks so young, wow. I’m back home from a week of work travel, so my plan is to veg out all weekend 😀

  42. Hi Gina, do you have the link for the ranch dressing? The link doesn’t seem to work.


  43. Hey – I rock a white Baby-G and I love it!

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