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Hi friends! Happy Friday!

GUESS WHAT. “HIIT It” is #5 on the “Exercise and Fitness” list and #1 on Aerobics new releases. Omggggggg. Friends, I am so very thankful for the support and for all of your help spreading the word. If you haven’t preordered yet, reserve your copy and get your free ebook! All the details are here, and I’m so excited to share it with you all. 

In standard Friday fashion, here are some faves from the week and around the web. I always love to hear your faves, too, so please feel free to shout it out and link away in the comments section.

Checking out the Ocean Beach tide pools. The Pilot and Liv have been once before, but it was my first time. I loved watching the tiny crabs scurry around and see the little fish.

Pier  1 of 1 3

Tide pool  1 of 1 2

Tide pool  1 of 1 3

Tide pool  1 of 1 4

Tide pool  1 of 1

Tide pool  1 of 1 3

Pure Barre perspective from a dude. (Heads up: strong language. I was laughing so hard I cried a little.)

With Thanksgiving next week, you know it’s all about that baste.

HOLIDAY BEAUTY SETS are heeeeere. It’s one of my favorite times to stock up on my staple products (like the Tarte brand) and you get multiple items for about the price of one or two full-sized products.They also make awesome stocking stuffers. Here’s the lip one I picked up:

Tarte set  1 of 1

Special thanks to my friends at POPSUGAR for including my TRX workout!

This song couldn’t be any more perfect.

High protein smoothies that taste like milkshakes.

This green salsa from Trader Joe’s. Madre gave it to me while we were in Tucson, so I packed it up in the suitcase, praying we wouldn’t arrive home to salsa verde-soaked clothes. Thankfully, it survived the journey.

Salsa  1 of 1 5

7 habits of highly productive women.

Pitch Perfect 2 is coming… and it’s going to be aca-awesome.

Quick and healthy soup recipes.

Text Me Merry Christmas. 

Hope you have a very happy Friday!



Congratulations to the winner of the Fitbit Charge giveaway:

Comment #28:

juliettek, who said, “My favorite outdoor activity is a long hike through a new park! Especially in the fall time :-)”

Please send me an email and I’ll get your Charge on the way!

Some exciting things coming up on the blog:

-Holiday workout quickies (pinnable images and videos to sneak in a quick workout during the holiday season)

-FAVORITE THINGS GIVEAWAYS! “It’s the most wonderful tiiiiiiime….” I reached out to my favorite companies to bring you some insanely amazing giveaways and can’t wait to share them with you. xoxo

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  1. I looove the Tarte brand. Thank you for the reminder to stock up!!!

  2. Hello! I’m so excited to have won the fitbit Charge! Apparently I’m having trouble finding your email address, where can I email you my details?

    Thank you!!! I’m so excited!

  3. Congratulations on the Amazon lists, Gina – that’s awesome!!! These are all fabulous Friday things and I think the one I’m most excited about is Pitch Perfect 2. I’m totally buying tickets to see that because I know it will be worth it!!

  4. I absolutely LOVE Tarte!! That’s a great idea for stocking stuffers!

  5. Congratulations on a job well done. The news about your book is awesome! I sure it is so nice to see those results after putting so much work into your book! Have a great weekend.

  6. Congrats to the winner! How exciting! Also, loving all the pics! Just seeing nice weather makes me a little happier. I am DROWNING in snow and cold right now.

  7. The male perspective on barre was hysterical. I laughed so hard. Congrats again on the book! That is great news. Have a good weekend.

  8. I can’t wait till pitch perfect 2 hits the theatres! I’m excited for its launch…the first one was good and I hope this second one can live up to it. Congrats on the success, Gina!

  9. that “text me merry Christmas” song has me cracking up!!!

  10. I’m sooo excited for Pitch Perfect 2 to come out! Fat Amy is my spirit animal! 🙂

  11. I love your ocean pictures. They remind me of when we were living out in Monterey, CA. Can’t wait to see all the giveaways!

  12. Congrats on the book! You so deserve it!

  13. “Text Me Merry Christmas” is so funny, and sadly a little too true.

  14. PRECIOUS version of Baby It’s Cold Outside! And mazel tov on making the top 5!! It’s well-deserved. Your site is my workout Bible.

  15. OMG…..I just laughed so hard at Pure Barre perspective from a dude. It reminded me of the time my husband went to Yoga with me and thought the same exact thing! Thanks so much for sharing!

  16. Congrats on the book! How exciting, you must be thrilled. Hope you treat yourself this weekend to something nice!

  17. Mmm Hatch chili salsa 😉 So good!

  18. I just heard Idina’s Baby It’s Cold Outside for the first time on the radio today. I had no idea there was a video! Going to check it out now! Thanks!

  19. Confession & fave Friday in one: Christmas music came on the radio this morning…and I didn’t change the channel. Trying to respect the bird but the tree is coming out with a big ole W for this one.

  20. I can’t WAIT for smoothies to come back into my life! I don’t have a blender in my dorm room, so as soon as I get home this December I will be living off them. I don’t care how cold it is!

  21. I have that salsa sitting in my pantry, but haven’t opened it yet. I need to give it a try soon! Happy Friday!

  22. Wow!!! congrats on the book!! thats amazing! so well deserved 🙂

  23. Congrats! That’s awesome!!

  24. oh i love TJ’s hatch valley salsa! i used it as a marinade of sorts on a chicken breast recently and it had just the right amount of kick to it.

    i’m excited for pitch perfect 2, as well. loved the first!! have a great weekend 🙂

  25. I’m so excited about Pitch Perfect 2!!

  26. Gina! I’m also an Instructor and trainer and have read your blog FOREVER! I’ve never commented before until today….

    I just read the dude’s perspective on Barre. I’m literally dying! Maybe the funniest article I’ve ever read. I’m about to add Barre to my teaching regime, and that will literally crack me up when men come to take my class!

    Thank you for the blog! Your writing and inspiration is awesome!

    • Fitnessista says:

      thank you so much for saying hi! always fun to hear from fellow fitness professionals too 🙂
      glad you enjoyed the article! i was laughing so hard
      have a great weekend and thank you for reading <3

  27. All I could think of reading “Favorite Things” is “And YOU get a humpback whale! And YOU get a humpback whale!”. lol! Ohhh, high priestess Oprah. 🙂

  28. WOW!! Huge congrats on your books’s early success!! Happy for you!!

    TGIF and loving the holiday week ahead! No school for my kids for a whole week 🙂

  29. Ohhh I can’t WAIT to see San Diego next week for the first time when I visit. Gorgeous photos. Have a happy Friday:)

  30. I’m a big fan of Sephora’s gift sets. You get to try a bunch of things without committing to them. I’m on the lookout for some natural beauty sets! Have a great weekend!

  31. Fitbit sent me a Charge to try out. My favorite feature was the caller ID, since my phone is often accidentally left with the ringer off or unheard, in my purse, in another room, which causes me to miss calls. I don’t know if you plan to wear it long or knew about that feature but thought I’d mention it!

    (Though I quit wearing mine because of its bulk/looks and because I want a break from steps goals at the moment.)

    • Fitnessista says:

      i’m not sure if my firmware has the caller id. i’ll have to check because i lose my phone often haha
      agree that it is bulky.

  32. Hey Gina! I had my husband try to buy your new book for me as an Xmas gift but, we live in Nova Scotia canada, and the shipping and taxes to send it to us from amazon and b&n is a little outrageous! Is there anywhere else I can order it from? And if I do order it from somewhere else, would I still be able to get you ebook?

  33. Congratulations on your book success! That is amazing and totally well deserved! I stock up on beauty products at Christmas time. I am just about to finish all of the gallon jugs of Nexxus shampoo I got last year! My favorite!

  34. That’s great how successful your book already is; so proud & happy for you!!

  35. Yaara Leve says:

    Congrats on the success of your book!!! You totally deserve it! You’ve worked so damn hard on it! Not gonna lie–those beach pics are making me jelly! It was freaking 10 degrees here in Chicago this week–uggh! Also–that cranberry top is so pretty too! Where is it from?

  36. I enjoyed reading the productive habits article you shared. Thanks for the good read!

  37. that is so amazing regarding your book, gina!!! need to catch up on your posts and want to read where you must have talked about the launch of it. congrats!!!

  38. So exciting about your book—congrats!! I’m so jealous of where you live right now as I bravely face the 30 degree temps in the Midwest;)

  39. hahaha, that guy at Pure Barre! I laughed so hard 😀 I had the same situation yesterday. Me and my hubby ran out of time to got to the gym, so I dicided on a home workout and asked him to join me. We did three of your videos (1 barre burner, 2 barre blasts) and he quit after the second video, completly exhausted. This morning he whined about sore legs!
    I have to abmit, it kinda made me feel good, like a victory 🙂 But I give him credit for trying!

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