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Hi! How’s the day going? Loving the giveaway entries from this morning. I’ve enjoyed reading them so much, and each one has brought a huge smile to my face! I’ll pick the winner this Sunday night and announce in Monday’s am post.

I’m excited to share my latest Stitch Fix (<—referral link) with you guys, as it’s one of my favorites in quite a while. The best thing about this one: it included a casual mix of clothes that I would wear on a daily basis, instead of dressy or date night pieces (which I love, but everyday clothes get more use). Since receiving it this week, I’ve worn every piece, minus a dress that I’m thinking may have been a mistake.  More details ahead… 

(If you’re a Stitch Fix client, you can pin any of these pieces onto your style board to request from your stylist. If you’re curious to learn more about Stitch Fix, here’s my first post ever and my most recent fix. Also, I’ll be doing a wall/winter capsule-ish wardrobe update once the weather cools down. For now, I’ve been sticking with many of my summer staples.)

#1: Market and Spruce Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee

I usually don’t love hi-lo, but this one is not severe at all. The shirt is very soft and comfy; I know I’ll wear it a lot this fall with jackets and jeans, or with a skirt and booties. 

Grey tee  1 of 1

(worn with my burgundy Tory Burch skinnies and cheetah flats)

#2 Amour Vert Priscilla Floral Print V-Neck Silk Blouse

Maybe it’s the “mom style” in me, but I love, love button-up blouses. 😉 They’re flattering, they look polished (even when I’m makeup-free and my hair is in a messy bun) and versatile. I usually just wear them with sandals and jeans, like below:

Flower top  1 of 1

 (with black skinnies and Tory sandals)

Daniel Rainn Taya Flutter Sleeve Silk Blouse

Turquise tank  1 of 1

(with Kut from the Kloth boyfriend jeans that I thrifted + Juil flats)

 Gorjana Juliette Bird Charm Necklace

Bird necklace  1 of 1

Hailey 23 Hailee Twist Waist Textured Sheath Dress

This one I was kind of “meh” about when I removed it from the box, mostly because I don’t like the twist waist look. My waist is lower than most clothing styles dictate, so it leaves anything with a set waist point to look kind of awkward. I ended up keeping this one for a few reasons: if you get everything in your box, you save 25%, so it was a freebie. The fabric is dreamy, and I could see myself wearing it more as a skirt throughout the winter with a luxe sweater over it or fun jacket. Looking at the pic though, I think “oh no.” 

Grey dress  1 of 1

You win some, you lose some. Haha.

Hope you have a lovely night! I’d love to hear about any shopping successes or fails lately 🙂 Any styles you’re loving for fall? 



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  1. I love the grey dress! I think it looks amazing on you 🙂

  2. You’re crazy, that dress looks adorable on you. Just wanted to put my 2 cents in, have a great weekend!

  3. I love that first outfit. The burgundy pants are gorgeous!

    Where are your shoes from in the last pic? They’re really cute!

  4. I think the grey dress is adorable, and looks great on you! They always get you with that 5th piece. I can’t stomach losing money just because I don’t love it 🙂

  5. that dress is lovely on you! I want it! Definitely a keeper!

  6. Love all of these! You are so stylish! I love StitchFix because I have no ability to dress myself and they always send me cute stuff I would never ever try on. The dress is really cute and looks fantastic on you!

  7. I think you look GORGEOUS in the Sheath Dress! 🙂

  8. Oh my goodness, that dress look FANTASTIC on you. Definitely dressier than the other pieces, but it looks amazing 🙂

    • Fitnessista says:

      thanks, lauren! i appreciate the kind words. i was embarrassed to post it haha. hope you have a great weekend!

  9. I really like the gray dress! I think it would be a perfect for a dressier date night or an event/party. I love the high/low top with the red jeans. They’re on my shopping list for fall clothes!

  10. I can’t seem to see the “high low” of the high low tee?

  11. OMG the grey dress is my favorite piece from your box. It looks lovely on you 🙂

  12. The gray dress is actually my favorite thing you show above. Looks very comfortable yet chic. Hope you have a great weekend!

  13. I think all the pieces look great on you, especially the dress!

  14. I like the gray dress too! Funny how we see ourselves different than others do. I’m really into dresses lately. I used to wear a ton of pants and skirts. Somehow dresses are my thing. Athleta or BcBG are usually winners.

  15. LOVE the blouses you received! They look so great on you!

  16. 100% truth: You look uh-mazing in that dress; so glad you kept it!

  17. That dress looks fab on you! Glad you kept it. 🙂

  18. That dress is great -it makes your legs look super long!

  19. I love the dress, but if you’re uncomfortable with the waist style you could wear a variety of things over the top part to disguise it. I can’t imagine wearing sandals right now! It’s all boots all the time October-March for me in the midwest.

  20. Love the grey dress too although the blouses are def my fave! Very flattering and put together!

  21. You look fantastic in that dress.
    I had to giggle at your comment about waiting for the weather to cool down. As a SoCal native, I can tell you that this probably is your winter capsule if you just throw on a light sweater. My kids didn’t wear long pants all school year last year.

  22. I never knew Tory Burch made jeans!! My mind is blown. lol now I feel like I NEED some!

  23. Woohoo stitch fix!! I have basically no fashion sense, so I am also a ‘fix admirer.
    Those pieces all look GREAT on you, including the dress!! I think it’s flattering on you – BUT if you don’t feel comfortable in it after a time or 2 of wearing it, eh don’t push it.

  24. I agree with everyone else. I think the grey dress was the most flattering piece from the box. But it’s all about how you feel in it, right?

  25. If you don’t LOVE the dress than use it in the way you know you’ll like – a leather jacket or a wrap sweater would be great especially in a deep, Fall burgundy or plum!

  26. My best clothing wins are usually workout clothes… 😉

  27. Gray dress looks great! I don’t think the waist hits wrong at all. But maybe the color is off? Just get it dyed and viola! But i like it! We are our own worst critics!

  28. So cute! I actually really like the dress, but all by itself it doesn’t seem like your typical style. I am sure you can find a way to “Gina-fy” it. 🙂

    Have a good weekend!

  29. I really enjoyed reading this post. I have used Stitch Fix in the past too. I don’t particularly enjoy shopping, and I like the SF service because they pick everything out for you based on your preferences and you get to pick what you want to keep! This is so great for someone who is definitely style-challenged like myself. Cute pieces above. I actually think that dress looks very nice on you. Also, what type of camera do you use to take your pictures? Thanks!

  30. love that grey dress.. fits you like a glove and looks amazing! 🙂

  31. I think the dress looks AAAmazing on you!

  32. this stitchfix delivery was definitely a winner! everything looks great on you 🙂

    i’m kinda in love with your burgundy skinnies. i’ve been looking for a fun pair of colored denim for the fall!

  33. LOVE the first outfit! It’s so perfect for the fall transitional weather!

  34. My October fix was amazing too. I only kept the Mavi Alexa Skinny Jeans because of budget, but they sent a gorgeous houndstooth blouse, the Kut from the Kloth denim jacket, and a buffalo plaid infinity scarf. There was also a cute top, that was cut kind of funny, but all of it was so pretty. I would have kept four out of five pieces if I had more money to spend this month.

  35. I think the dress is okay. If it was a freebie, of course keep it. What I do when I have things that I get on a really good deal but am not totally in love with– take it to a tailor! The dress would suit your style and body better if it had a more open neck line. Draw where you want it to hit you, and for $20, a good tailor will make it fit you perfectly. A lower v neck? And of course, layer over it all winter- would be an adorable length with boots!

  36. Ummm I LOVE that dress on you! I think it’s my favourite thing out of all the items! I think it’s flattering but if you don’t then definitely work the sweater over top (which is a great idea! Might steal it. haha)

  37. i think the gray dress is AWESOME on you!!

  38. Agree with everyone — the grey dress is my fav out of everything! But I do love all things grey 🙂

  39. I love that gray twisted dress on you! It looks amazing! I’m really hoping to find the perfect pair of booties for fall. I can’t seem to find the style I’m looking for so I’m hoping by the end of the month or by Thanksgiving (ha!) I’ll find some 🙂 I am loving a few different long sweaters I got at Express. Paired with some skinny jeans, a tank top underneath, and a simple necklace they’ve been cute (I think) and cozy!

  40. Gina, the dress looks absolutely wonderful on you.

  41. Looking good!

  42. I love your maroon pants! And the dress does look really good on you, it would be nice to see it in a brighter colour.

  43. I have heard SO much about Stitch fix and I love what I see! love that dress~!

  44. I love the dress! I see what you mean in that the waist is a bit high but I think it looks really good!

  45. Though I’ve put Stitch Fix on hold for now as I’ve only purchased one item from each fix, I’ve worn each of those items a ton. My most recent purchase was a burgundy 41Hawthorn blouse that I’ve seen in a bunch of variations (my coworker has a black one, I think there’s a print one). It’s become my go-to shirt for weekend dates and even work. Timeless style and color plus versatility are a definite win!

  46. I know how you feel about the waist thing but I really like the dress on you. Wait and see if it grows to a love.

  47. The dress is actually my favorite of all the pieces! Looks great on you!

  48. How do you like your Juli flats? I’m obsessed with tieks but having a hard time buying more with the $175 price tag

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