Summer Shape Up 2015: Week 4 Workouts and Meal ideas

Hi friends! Can you believe that it’s the last week of Summer Shape Up?! It’s gone by so quickly, but time flies when you’re working hard. 😉 I hope you’re already seeing some noticeable benefits from the past 3 weeks! Our goal for the final week: finish it STRONG with the same intensity that you used when you began the challenge. Also, remember that you can always repeat for an 8-week plan. For Winter Shape Up, we’ll have our free full-length videos to follow, too. 🙂 If you’re just joining in the fun, you can check out the intro post here

Gina britt 56

Next month, I’ll be back with full monthly fitness calendars (and per many requests, I’ll include meal ideas in my emails), so if you’d like to receive those, be sure to sign up for my newsletter below:

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A very special “thank you” to all of our wonderful 2015 Summer Shape Up sponsors!

Ssu2015 sponsors

bobble, makers of the BPA-free self-filtering water bottle. I tote mine around all the time and love how lightweight it is. 


Bobble  1 of 1 2

Gluten-free Chex oatmeal, which is perfect for baking, savory recipes and snacks,

Oatmeal bowl

(shown here with an egg cracked in as it cooked, almond milk, blueberries, cinnamon, a drizzle of maple syrup and a giant blob of peanut butter)

and Crunch Live, who kindly shared a 30-day free trial with all of us. Just use the code “SSU30”” to activate it! (It will turn into a regular membership at $9.99/month after the 30 days expire, just as a heads up. They have a great variety of workouts you can do anywhere.) 

Yoa sculpt  1 of 1

Here’s what the meal ideas look like for Week 4. As always, feel free to adjust or shuffle them around according your unique needs and preferences. 

Ssu2015 week 4 meals


Quinoa breakfast bake

Sweet potato hash with poached eggs

Protein pancakes without protein powder

Homemade acai bowl

Acai bowl  1 of 1 5


Feta chicken salad 

Salad burrito

Zucchini pasta with creamy cashew sauce

Tempeh bacon BLT

Zucchini pasta salad  1 of 1


Lentil quinoa chopped salad

Mexican black bean spinach burgers with sweet potato fries

Slow cooker detox chicken

Slow cooker chicken enchiladas


Bliss balls

Chocolate cherry smoothie

Banana split smoothie  1 of 1


Oatmeal chocolate peanut butter cookies

Pineapple mint popsicles

Detox cookies  1 of 1


Ssu2015 week 4 workouts


Monday: OFF

Tuesday: HIIT Start Treadmill Workout and workout #3

Hiit start

Wednesday: Steady state 30 minutes

Thursday: Workout #2 or Crunch Live Total Body Bootcamp

Friday: OFF or gentle

Saturday: Workout #4 + Workout #1

Sunday: Long steady state + Ab burner 


Every time you complete a Week 4 workout, leave a comment below! (Today is a freebie since it’s an off day!) I’ll pick a lucky winner to receive a fun fitness-y prize pack, including a fitness tracker and lulu tank top. 

Let’s go after it!





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  1. Paige Callahan says:

    Yesterday I did 21 day fix dirty 30! I had a busy/ stressful afternoon and forgot to check in

  2. Christine T says:

    Today is my rest day … Heading to the beach so will definitely get some walking and swimming on. Happy weekend!

  3. 45 minute run + ab burner

  4. Just finished workout #4, workout #1 (2 rounds), plus a few extra strength moves to top it off.

  5. orange theory this morning nd killed it!! 😀

  6. Natalie says:

    Did workout #2 yesterday and workout #1 and #4 this am.

  7. Workouts #4 & #1 done!

  8. Workout 4–with wine bottles, because I don’t have light weights ;)–followed by Workout 1 in the park!

  9. had my long run this AM!!!!

  10. Workout #1 (x2)! Dripping sweat!! 🙂

  11. Zumba followed by a visit to the local farmer’s market. I picked up a bunch of fruit and a reeeeeally good smoothie that had vanilla almond milk, dates, bananas, cinnamon, and oatmeal. May have also had a bite of the husband’s breakfast sandwich when I got home (we live near sausage, egg, and cheese NIRVANA), but it’s all about balance. 😉

  12. This week has been crazy for me because my husband was out of town and some other things. But I still managed a few days of workouts. I wanted to start today off on a good note because its my birthday, so I did a 60 minute barre workout. I have LOVED this shape up. I’m going to start the WSS 2014 on Monday, and I can’t wait. Thanks for all of your hard work with this, Gina!!

  13. Kelster says:

    Just did a 3 mile walk. Was about to do workout 4 and 1 but I just remembered that I scheduled a six mile walk for later or early in morning. Need to reevaluate.

  14. I did workout #1 & #4 this morning. Just what I needed cause then we went to a pool party and now we are back home relaxing with a glass of wine playing outside

  15. Jennifer says:

    #1 and #4. Sweaty sweaty!! BTW lentil chopped salad is to DIE FOR… might be my new favorite food!!

  16. Samantha D. says:

    Incidental rest day with lots of walking. Tomorrow I’m gonna push it!

  17. Today was workout #4, 2.5 mile dog walk and a 2 hour yoga workshop. It was a great day!

  18. sunday = rest day 🙂

  19. I have YTT today from 10am – 6pm so…. yoga, yoga, yoga for me today 🙂

  20. Paige Callahan says:

    Yoga for me today!

  21. Headed to areial yoga with some friends this afternoon and I just finished making the lentil quinoa chopped salad for lunches this week! I had a great time during the SSU!

  22. I have been following along month but keep forgetting to check in. Just finished workout #4 this morning because I only had 30 minutes. I’ll complete workout #1 this evening when I have more time.

  23. Today is busy busy, just some treadmill walking while doing homework. I might try for a 1 mi run Ayer on! Thanks for a wonderful shape up and bonus workouts :))

  24. The last two days have been mellow with my workouts. Rest and lots of walking, but I am coming back today with a cardio HIIT + full body strength circuit.

  25. Katie R. says:

    Completed the long SS & Ab Burner today! I’m so excited to say I’ve successfully completed my first Shape-Up! Thank you, Gina! Can’t wait until WSU!

  26. Monday: Bodypump class
    Tuesday: Workout #1 and HIIT Workout
    Wednesday: Long run
    Thursday: Barre Video and Total Body Conditioning
    Friday: Bodypump
    Saturday: Off
    Sunday: Spin and Run

    Love SSU!!!!!

  27. Today is an impromptu rest day as I tweaked my shoulder yesterday! I’m super bummed to end the Ssu this way. Ugh! Lots of ice and rest for me!

  28. catherine c. says:

    Did WO #4 + #1 today! I love that combo

  29. Grace Gillis says:

    Quick ~3.5mi run and ab burner video yesterday!

  30. Grace Gillis says:

    Steady state walk for about 45minutes today! Great SSU!

  31. Jennifer says:

    Almost an hour jog and ab burner. Gonna repeat SSU til the August cal comes out! Thanks Gina!

  32. Christine T says:

    Finished up SSU with a long run on a humid morning. Glad I got ‘er done!

  33. Kelster says:

    Thanks for another great shape up! My abs are happy today. I’ll be sure to thank all the sponsors on Twitter tomorrow.

  34. Samantha D. says:

    Hour long bike ride, workouts 1 and 4, and an burner x2! Thanks for the shape up!!

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