Where’s my wagon?

Heyyyyyy 😀 Hope you’re having a great day!

When the pilot comes to pick me up, I hope he brings one of these….


I may lose my walking ability by the end of the day- my legs are NOODLES!

Aaaaand I still have all day tomorrow (Sunday) of classes. Good thing I planned ahead and scheduled the yoga classes and nutrition lectures for Sunday 😀

The crazy thing is that even though I’m kind of exhausted, I can still do the workouts and am still having an amazing time. I’m not going to push myself to the point of injury or anything like that, but it goes to show that sometimes when you don’t think you have anything left, you do. You just need to dig deep and find it 🙂

The morning started off with BodyJam, a Les Mills program which I was excited to try.


It was a lot of fun- very different than I expected.

We learned a dance moves and put them together into combinations. The moves for today were more modern-day disco type moves, but I had a blasty and would definitely take a BodyJam class in the future. Zumba reigns supreme though 😉

Next was Restore the Core power, using this Muscle Bar.

muscle bar

It’s like a body bar with a resistance band inside– so you can twist it apart and use it unilaterally (one side at a time).

muscle bar (2)

Each end of the Muscle Bar has a 2.5 lb weight inside, so it’s nice and heavy.

This class was AWESOME. We used to muscle bar to warm up, tone and replicate a lot of reformer Pilates moves. My abbies were crying by the end – tears of happiness 🙂 I’ll be sure to share some of the moves I learned this week—maybe it’s time I bring Workout Move of the Week back?


After Core, I took a Steptonic class.


Steptonic was really cool because you don’t do any traditional step moves. You use the step to dance and perform power movements (like lunges and burpees on the step) and still build on choreography. This is a good thing because step intimidates a lot of people– the first time I took a step class I wanted to cry because I didn’t know any of the cue words or moves, and even though I had danced my entire life, it took a while for me to pick it up. Steptonic is something that ANYONE could take, and beginners and advanced students would both benefit from the class style.

Today’s eats have been exactly the same as yesterday’s, including the nice bun


The only new thing for today is THIS.


The pilot had grabbed some for me!

He was like “Weren’t you freaking out about not being able to find the carrot cake flavor?”

Yes, that was me!!! 😀

It was the Larabar of my dreams…

lara (2)

Love the carrot flecks- it kind of tastes like a Tropical Fruit Tart Larabar + carrots

The only bummer is that they kind of rob you on the size—in the above picture, the Larabar only goes up to the “A” in the label. They’re very tiny for a 200 calorie bar, but the taste is excellent.

Well I’m off to grab a snack and change.. then Zumba Toning and Extreme Bootcamp Challenge (I changed out of Bikini Bootcamp since it was a water workout and I didn’t bring a swimsuit).

See you sooooooon <3 Maybe from a wagon??



Something to talk about: What muscle group do you like to work the most? I LOVE working back and feel like you can see results really quickly- some goes with shoulders. Fave Larabar flavor?? I wouldn’t kick any Larabar out of bed, but my favorite will always be the Coconut Cream Pie (aka Macaroon) flavor 🙂

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  1. Looks like a great time! I wish I had that much energy 🙂
    My fave bodypart to work out is my thighs-i LOVE seeing hardcore definition and not have “Molly Ringwald” legs 😉

  2. I want to try the carrot cake larabar so bad — I can’t find them! My favorite is peanut butter cookie hands down. Those are so delicious.

    That body bar things looks really cool — is it just for those classes or have you seen them before?

  3. You are such a beast. Saying you’re my hero would be such an understatement…plus kinda creepy haha

  4. I like to work those out too! It’s a recent…uh, enlightenment for me because I never worked those before. My legs are easy for me to do already since they seemed to get toned easily. That does not, however, make them any smaller. Hah.

  5. Ooooh carrot cake! I haven’t seen that flavor. I do LOVE the new chocolate chip cookie dough. It was a HAPPY day when I found that one.

    The conference you’re at sounds super fun! I am SURE that you’re exhausted but excited for you that you’re learning new things!!

  6. I love working my triceps and my legs. My favorite Lara bar flavor is Cherry Pie, and I like Ginger Snap too.

  7. Victoria says:


  8. The pilot is awesome for snagging you a carrot cake bar!

  9. Glad you finally got the new Larabar!

    I find that I do arms, abs, and legs the most. I need to do some back moves!

  10. I’ve been dying to find the carrot cake Laras!! I love carrot cake more than you could ever know….okay, maybe as much as you love SunWarrior 🙂

    I remember taking back to back to back group fitness classes last summer–tough but so exhilarating!

  11. glad you got that larabar! i love doing my abs. i love feeling the burn there!

  12. Today’s classes looked awesome. So inspired by your ability to keep rocking them one after the other. I’ve never tried a Larabar but that carrot cake one has been taunting me since it came out!

  13. the classes you are taking sound so amazing! I was hoping you would take the water workout one I was curious to see what you thought of water workouts. Have fun!!

  14. Laura J. says:

    My favorite Larabars are Tropical Fruit Tart and the Choc. Chip Cookie Dough. MMMM 🙂
    All of your classes look so fun!!
    I like working my back and arms best 🙂 I agree that you can results in your back pretty quickly. That’s always a good motivator 🙂
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

  15. I can’t believe that you have to work out so much! You are going to need a wagon for sure. Hey, at least you can eat all the Indian food you want now : )

  16. still looks like your having an amazing time! i could imagine how your legs would feel by now. hopefully he carries you or gets a lil red wagon

  17. Coconut Cream Pie is my favorite too. I thought Carrot Cake was ok, but I was so sad to see that the other three new flavors had added sugar and could contain milk as well. I wish they had just used the unsweetened stuff that is in the Jocolat bars.

  18. Coconut is my favorite larabar flavor but I also really enjoy the Ginger Snap. I love doing arm moves, particularly tricep. I can feel it right away!

  19. What great workouts you are getting in for sure!!!!!

    Oh your pilot is the best! He found the carrot cake flavor!!! Im dying to try it! I found the other ones but not that yet!!! So glad to hear it was delish!

    I love the cookie dough, pb&j , and peanutbutter cookie larabars!

  20. I like working my back and shoulders, too– probably because I see results in my upper body the fastest!

    So jealous the pilot found a carrot cake Larabar for you! I’ve been on the lookout for those!! My favorite Larabar flavor is probably Gingersnap, because it reminds me of Christmas every time I eat it!

  21. My faves are Coconut Cream Pie and PB Cookie. Sounds like your weekend is going great!!!

  22. I love working my arms, especially my biceps. Nothing makes me feel stronger than busting out some pull-ups (ok, with assistance).
    And yes, please, bring back WMOW!!

  23. I agree about the back…you see results quickly and it is always so much stronger than I think it is. Def bring back WOMOW!

  24. I love working out the lower body (quads, hammies and butt)…if I’ve done ’em right, it takes me about 48 hours to recover. Love the peanut butter cookie Lara Bar.

    How do you like Body Jam? I’ve done a few of them and it is a lot of FUN! You get a workout more once you know the moves. We have Les Mills sponsored classes at our gm but the only Body Jam instructor left and no one to replace her so far. I’m too intimidated to take the cert. course 🙁 You loo like you’re having a great weekend!

  25. katelyn says:

    What I love most about all these photos are the different sizes everyone comes in- and they’re all healthy. Love!!!

    • Fitnessista says:

      yes, i have seen so many amazing looking women (and men) of all shapes and sizes. the diversity here is amazing and everyone is fit, active and totally healthy

  26. Steptonic looks GREAT!!
    Keep up the amazing work (and sweat), Gina!!
    Fave body part to work: LEGS. I’m proud of my gams. 🙂
    Fave Larabar flavor so far: GINGER SNAP!

  27. Damn, you weekend seems INTENSE, but very very fun!! I can’t even imagine what your legs feel like. My favorite body part to work out…my abs!!

  28. back is my favorite too! Triceps come in at a close second. 🙂 I also have a love/hate relationship with legs.

  29. I don’t know how you are able to go through all that working out. You have some serious inner strength.

  30. Hands down coconut flave! Mmmm I can taste it now 🙂


  31. My favorite Larabar flavor is… I can’t pick! I love the chocolate coconut chew… and the cherry pie… and pecan pie. Lots of em! 🙂

    I love working out my abs. I feel so much better afterwards and strengthening my more improves my form on other exercises, too.

  32. All your reviews of these classes make me really want to try out a class at my gym and get out of my comfort zone (aka. the treadmill)!

    Hahaha wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to pull us around in a wagon sometimes? At least tomorrow sounds like it’ll be a nice relaxing day. Have fun! 😀

  33. PB&J is my fav flavor. I have yet to find the new ones. The conference looks fabulous! Can’t wait to hear more of what you are learning.

  34. i love shoulders, biceps, and hamstrings. for some reason i always feel super strong when i’m working those out!

  35. Sarra H says:

    My fave body parts to work are my hamstrings and back. And I haven’t tried all the larabar flavors yet, but my favorite so far is peanut butter cookie, mmmm sooo goooood! (now i’m hungry haha)

  36. I love working out my abs! I just tried the Coconut Creme Pie Larabar and I loved it 🙂

  37. I like arms b/c I do a lot of strength training in the mirror and can see definition as I them.

    Coconut Creme Pie and the new PB Chocolate Chip are neck and neck for most delicious in my book! Have you tried PBCC flavor? It’s so scrumptious!

  38. It’s 4am here and I still havent been to bed Sat night…about to 🙂

    “but it goes to show that sometimes when you don’t think you have anything left, you do. You just need to dig deep and find it “–YEP Story of being a parent. Thus, the 4am bit.

    Larabar..the Pilot is SUCH a husband of a food blogger that he knows what’s what and the nuances of larabars…omg, classic.

    Can’t wait to hear more about the moves that made your abbies cry! I want them! My fave part to work is arms and abs. And squats.

    Larabar..have purchased less than 10 lara’s in my entire life. I dunno, I just dont but I guess ive probably saved $ over the years…LOL


  39. Ohhhh I’ve GOT to find these new flavors of Larabars!!!!

  40. With LARABARS, I’ve noticed that they vary in size by flavor. For instance, the Apple Pie flavor is much larger than the Coconut Cream Pie flavor. They can vary by as much as an inch!

  41. my legs

  42. thanks Fitnessita for your comments on the MuscleBar! we are glad you loved it….we are quite passionate about it at Fit Revolution too :O)
    Hope to see you in our classes at the next MANIA and keep up the great work on the blog! love it!

    • Fitnessista says:

      hey, thank you! i actually asked the CEO at mania if he would be willing to do a blog giveaway… and lost his card. let me know if you guys would be interested! muscle bar is AWESOME

  43. I adore the carrot cake ones. My sister sent me a box and i’ve already eaten half of them..yum!!

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