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workout quickies

Groceries and benches

I’d like to take a second and thank…. -our neighbors, who brought over the best enchiladas I’ve ever had. A bold, very true statement. (Savored it- cheese and all. If someone makes the tortillas and sauce from scratch, you need to have the full experience. I wanted to curl up and live in that enchilada)…

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Rice investment + a NEW leg burner

I’m pretty sure our rice cooker has paid for itself already. I picked it up at Costco for our housewarming party, and since then, have used it countless times for various grains- it makes beautiful quinoa. Since I busted the mini food chopper making cookie butter, I think it may be my most frequently-used winter…

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Workout quickie: Stability Ball Blitz

Maybe I should have just braved the eye claw. I’ve worn contacts since 4th grade, and really haven’t had any probs with them until now. They discontinued the style I’ve worn for years, so I’ve been trying to find another brand/style that will work. The eye doc gave me a pair that’s fantastic, but you…

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Blizzard Booty Burner

I woke up this morning so excited to see…. SNOW! From a distance, that is 😉 (I enjoy snow the most this way) One bonus point for chilly weather: when I take Bella out, she does her business wicked fast. I should put a jacket on her, but she’s like a little white furry lightning…

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“Baby, it’s cold outside” workout

I don’t think Bell has a problem with her sporadic walking schedule since the weather has changed. We still play around the house to get the crazies out: she’s a fetch pro yesterday, we chased around the yard (she went into full on sprint mode! see the dirty paws?) and today, we snuggled on the…

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Humpday Booty Burner

Hi friends! How was your humpday? It was a beautiful day over here (look at that sunset!), even though it was quite sad to hear that the Pilot’s family cat, Sam is onto greener pastures. He was 19 years old!!! We’ll miss you, buddy <3 The Pilot and I got to spend a little quality…

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Scary Claus + Black Friday Frenzy Workout

It was a glorious Black Friday, complete with a workout to beat the craziness!  Everyone enjoyed the day according to their leisure… I shopped, got in the aforementioned Black Friday workout (posted at the end for you!), a long nap and started putting up Christmas decorations. [Glass hurricanes and bowls + different sizes of ornaments…

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Turkey Treadmill Workout

Good morning, friends! Hope you’re having a Happy Monday. <3 I have a tabata treadmill workout below that you can breeze through in 20 minutes– perfect for this busy time of year! This is what happens when I don’t make dinner: That is a Pei Wei fail. See the shrimp? They’re brown and gnarly. I’d…

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