Wall Workout (all you need is 1 dumbbell)

This workout will work your entire body using a wall and a single dumbbell. As always, talk with a doctor before making any fitness changes and honor your body. Feel free to modify as needed! You can modify most of these exercises by ditching the wall and using a bench or the floor for a less-intense version.

Hey friends! Hope you’re enjoying the week. Today, I’m recording a podcast episode, catching an Orangetheory class, and grilling with the fam. I’m definitely loving this Tucson summer. It’s so amazing having family around, especially since they always want to hang out. 🙂

For today, I have a new workout for you!

All you need for this one: a wall and a dumbbell. 🙂 

I like incorporating lever and incline changes in my workouts and classes as a way to make standard exercises more challenging. Decline push-ups are wayyyy more exciting than regular push-ups, and something about putting your feet on a wall or bench for hip bridges transfers the work directly to that bootay. 

This one was so much fun to put together, and I really hope you love it!


Here’s what the wall workout looks like: 

Total body wall workout

Single-arm push-ups: Stand perpendicular to the wall, about 2 feet away. Lean towards the wall and place your outside hand flat on the wall, so it’s bent at the elbow. Squeeze your shoulders and chest to push yourself away from the wall. Complete all reps on one side before switching to the opposite side. 

Split squat: You’ll step one foot onto the wall. Make sure to hop or step a few steps forward to give yourself a safe stance to sink down into a squat. (Think of this as lunging with your back leg on the wall.) Make sure as you sink down, you keep a tall posture and watch the front knee to make sure it doesn’t extend past your front toes. 

Split squat

Wall sit with dumbbell press: Come into a wall sit, holding a dumbbell, with your back against the wall, feet flat on the floor, and a 90-degree bend at your knees. Hold onto each end of the weight and bend your arms to bring the weight in towards your chest. Keep your shoulders down and exhale as you press the weight straight out in front of you. Bend your arms to bring it back in towards your chest. You’re holding a wall sit the entire time. Complete as many as you can in 30 seconds. 

Triceps dip: For a more challenging version, place your feet on the wall (I used a step in the photo above). As you complete your dip, make sure that your elbows stay pointing straight back, keep your chest lifted, and shoulders down. Modification: overhead dumbbell triceps extensions. 

Dumbbell oblique twist: Come into a wall sit, holding a dumbbell, with your back against the wall, feet flat on the floor, and a 90-degree bend at your knees. Hold onto each end of the weight, and lower the weight to one side of your thighs. Bring the weight overhead, and using your obliques, twist and lower the weight to the opposite side. 

Dumbbell twist

Mountain climbers: Get in plank position with feet on the wall and your wrists under your shoulders. Bring one knee towards the elbow on the same side. Move back to plank and switch to the opposite side. For more of a challenge, move as quickly as possible.

Plank: Make sure that your body is in one straight line from your head, all the way back through your knees or toes (depending on whether you’re modifying). If you’re on the wall, press back through your heels, and keep your core lifted. Tilt your chin away from your chest, so your neck stays long, and take some nice deep breaths. You can walk your feet up the wall a little for less pressure on your core.


Single-leg hip raise: Start on your back with legs bent and feet flat on the wall. Lift one leg off the floor, and press your heel towards the ceiling. Squeeze your glutes to lift your hips, keeping your upper back pressing into the floor and hips parallel to the floor. Lower down towards the floor (don’t touch it!) and exhale to rise back up. Continue for 10 reps, then switch legs.

Hip raise

Please let me know if you give it a try! If you’re catching a workout at home, what do you usually do?



Photos: Lindsay Colson

Wearing: Twist and Toil tank and Align Crops

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  1. Sana on July 17, 2018 at 10:23 am

    This workout looks awesome and so creative! I love working out at home and lately I have been doing your home workout warrior plan 🙂

    • Fitnessista on July 18, 2018 at 1:25 am

      i’m so happy you’re enjoying the HWW plan!! xoxo

  2. Melissa Caulfield on July 17, 2018 at 8:09 pm

    This looks incredible! Thank You!

    • Fitnessista on July 18, 2018 at 1:25 am

      please let me know if you give it a try!

  3. Elyse @ Healthier Holland on July 21, 2018 at 11:43 am

    Trying this workout today! Seems so fun. 😉 We’ll see how I feel after!

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