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Hi friends! How was your weekend? Hope you had an amazing one!

Ours was fantastic: relaxing with lots of fun adventures sprinkled into the mix. Most notable? We went paddle boarding! 

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I’ve been wanting to go pretty much since we found out we were moving here. Our friend Lindy was in town, so we packed up our gear, headed to Coronado Bay and rented a couple of boards.

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(When she’s old enough, I think Livi will LOVE riding out there with us! The guy at the board house recommended six years old to take her out on the board.)

At first I was a little apprehensive about actually standing up on the board, but once I got the hang of paddling I decided to go for it. It wasn’t nearly as challenging as I thought it would be. (This means I didn’t catapult into the ocean headfirst like I did in my imagination haha.) It was an awesome bonus core and quad workout, too.

The guy at the boat house gave us some great tips:

-Paddle on your knees until you get out a little farther. If you try to stand right away, the water is choppier near the shore and you could fall more easily

-Hold the top of the paddle with one hand and the middle with the other

-Make small paddle strokes

-Take the paddle out wide to turn

I was surprised at how meditative it felt to be out there paddling. It felt so peaceful and serene; I was instantly hooked. Can’t wait to go back!!

Some more weekend adventures:

Takeout from Tender Greens. So many healthy and delicious options!

Tender greens  1 of 1

(I got the salt and pepper chicken with kale salad and mashed potatoes)

Photo 2 6

(the dessert isn’t too bad, either heh heh)

some amazing skeletons in Old Town


and a stroll at the Hillcrest Farmer’s market.

The grapes were INSANE.

Grapes  1 of 1

We picked some up, along with Pacific Beach peanut butter, some organic grassfed butter, Asian pears, berries,

Market finds  1 of 1

and the glorious mango chili lime drinks. 

Mango drink

Always necessary 🙂

Hope you had a happy weekend, too! Apparently the Kardashians were here in town. I admit that I was on the lookout, but no sightings 😉

Have a happy Monday!



What’s your favorite type of “accidental” exercise? Club dancing totally counts 😉 

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  1. How fun! I’m dying to try SUP – it seems so peaceful to be out on the water like that. I actually saw a girl doing yoga on her board the other day.

  2. Ahhhhh how fun!

    I really, really, really want to go paddleboarding! I grew up on the beach in Florida, but paddleboarding was not so big until right about the time I moved to North Carolina about three years ago!

    I’d love to try it!

  3. Paddle boarding looks so fun! I think I’d definitely face-plant into the water though. And that drink looks amazing 🙂 Looks like a great weekend!

  4. Wow, it looks like a fun weekend with great visits, fun finds, and above all…GREAT EATS!

  5. Ooooh!
    I’ve been wanting to go paddle boarding for awhile! Looks so much fun! I love how you TWO are active–great team ya know? 🙂

    Always love places with tooons of good fruit. You’re awesome, have a great day!!

  6. I have always wanted to try paddle boarding! I was walking my doggie by the water here in Pittsburgh over the weekend and the girls on the water looked like they were having a blast with it.

  7. I totally would have been looking for the Kardashian sisters! I am a *secret* fan haha

  8. Love SUP! I wish I could own my own board and do it everyday. Maybe someday!

  9. Allison T. says:

    Tried SUP the first time this summer and loved it too! This weekend we got abunch if people together for sand volleyball… 3 hours later and I’d call that a fun accidental workout 🙂

  10. I tried some yogi poses when I went paddle boarding and it was ugggglayy.

    Trampoline jumping with the little one is now my new favorite “accidental” workout =)/

  11. Your fear of falling off a paddleboard actually happened to me haha – my friends and I decided to schedule a 7 am SUP yoga session while on vacation, then threw back a few too many the night before. We woke up with the worst hangovers but didn’t want to cancel on the (very sweet) instructor we’d spoken with. We were bending over in the middle of a sun salutation when I completely lost my balance and flipped headfirst into the water, knocking the side of my head against the board! There ended up being way more laughing than meditation, but it was a very memorable workout 😀

  12. Love paddleboarding at the lake near our house. Especially if you go early in the morning, it’s almost more calming than a good yoga practice. Although if you try to do yoga on your SUP and fall in after an attempt at crow, not so much…not that I would know…. 😉

    Is it bad that I would have been stoked to see the Kardashians? (I mayyyy watch reruns of their show when I work out at home.) Happy Monday!

    • Fitnessista says:

      heh heh. i totally thought about trying crow but was like “you haven’t fallen in today, let’s not ruin that” haha
      (not bad at all. i watch it during the day sometime too. i can’t look away)

  13. How fun! I love SUP! I’m trying SUP yoga this Wednesday and am litttlee nervous. haha

  14. Mary Jane says:

    Accidental ab workout – laughing my face off with friends. The can’t breath, crying (or peeing) a little, chuckle just thinking about it kind of laugh. 🙂 Happy Monday!

  15. Paddling boarding is soo much fun! I did it for the first time last year in Costa Rica and I immediately became addicted!

  16. I went stand-up paddleboarding for the first time this weekend, too! Except I did it on a river by some of the beautiful springs here, so balance was less challenging. I loved it but got SO HOT and SO HUNGRY after the 2.5 hour trip down the river. Definitely want to try ocean SUP next.

  17. Your photos of paddle boarding brings me back to our SD vacation a couple weeks ago! Miss it so much. I’d love to try paddle boarding one of these days too. I’m glad to hear it’s not nearly as challenging as you thought. Like you did, I have visions of myself going head first into the water. Haha! It’s especially crazy to me seeing all those people doing YOGA on the boards! They make it look so easy…

    Favorite “accidental” exercise: boogie boarding and water skiing! Both are SO much fun, but can be quite the workout!

  18. i love stand up paddle boarding. it really is a great workout!

  19. Looks like you had a fun weekend! We went paddleboarding when we were in Maui last year, it really is so relaxing once you get a rhythm going. I remember my buns were super sore the next day, hehe.

  20. What a fun weeekend! I love SUP…I thought it would be really difficult, but it was only challenging in a good way. My accidental workouts are cleaning…boring, but I like the results!

  21. I love SUP! It’s such a fun and peaceful thing to do, like you said. I did Yoga on it with my cousin while in Deep Creek, and it was just as fun, though I fell in the water a lot! ha Other than that, I didn’t have any wipe outs. My husband busted out a headstand on it, without falling!

  22. It really looks peaceful and beautiful out there paddling! I never did it before, but I would love to try.

    That mango drink looks amazing.

  23. That drink looks amaaaazing! I am going stand up paddleboarding this coming weekend and I am SO excited about it! Now I am just praying that it doesn’t rain/storm.

  24. So glad you finally got to try paddle boarding! Fun, isn’t it? It seems like it will be difficult to balance, but it’s really not bad. We take the kids on it with us for a ride and they really enjoy it too. They usually sit, but sometimes my 21-month-old stands because she’s crazy like that. 🙂

  25. I have always wanted to try SUP! Unfortunately the water is wayyy too cold in SF. But, I feel like it is a great core workout too since you have to focus on balance. So fun!

    • You should try it! Only your feet get wet as you get on the board and it’s unlikely you’ll fall in. They have rentals in Jack London Square, which is a calmer channel of water, so that might be a good place for you to give it a go. I’ve also done it on Lake Tahoe, which is quite icy. As long as the weather is warm, it’s lovely!

  26. I’ve always wanted to try this, but scared I would plummet into the ocean. Did you find it hard to balance?
    OMG what would you have done if ran into the Kardashians? I have no idea what I would say or do.

    • Fitnessista says:

      it wasn’t nearly as hard as i thought it would be, but i was also using a giant board. the smaller ones are apparently harder
      hahah i have no idea! “hi! i love your show! can i take a picture for my blog?” they would probably say no

  27. Our accidental workout was 9 holes of golf (no cart) in 98 degree heat yest. Fun but schweaty! 😉

  28. Love the title! You’re so clever!

    I love the bonus workout you get at wedding receptions… along with the cake! Ha!

  29. What fun! I was also shocked at how easy stand-up paddle surfing was for me. It takes a lot of balance and core stability, so perhaps all of my teaching group fitness gives me the necessary tools to SUP with ease. I tried it on my honeymoon in Jamaica with my husband and he wasn’t nearly as good as me. We finally found a sport I can beat him at! Too bad it isn’t actually competitive. Happy Monday!

  30. LOVE paddleboarding! It’s kind of “the thing” to do right now in South Florida! Next you have to try SUP Yoga and do it at sunset – so peaceful.

    My favorite accidental exercise is probably rollerblading…or laughing so hard that my abs hurt 🙂

  31. They were here! I got a text from a friend who was having dinner at Alfonso’s in La Jolla on Friday night saying they were having dinner there.

  32. My favorite accidental exercise is probably hiking. I just love being outside in the woods and breathing in all the mountain air! Taking a walk while the kids ride their scooters is a close second!

  33. I really wanted to do stand up paddle boarding in Hawaii this summer–and then the hurricanes were going to hit the *day* before I was supposed to leave so I didn’t get to go to the beach. So sad. However, I will keep those tips in mind when I do get to try it! I love the Coronado bridge in the background! That area is so gorgeous. Have a great Monday, Gina!

  34. Omg that takeout looks so good! I wish we had healthier takeout here. The south has not yet caught up to that healthy life!

  35. Friday was technically my rest day, but I went to the indoor trampoline park with a group of friends — it’s so fun & a great workout, too! 🙂

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