3/4: Meals and fitness for the week

Hey hey! Happy Sunday! How’s your weekend going? Ours has been pretty lovely. The weather has been gorgeous and we’re getting little glimpses into spring. Flowers are blooming everywhere and we’re spending a lot of time outside before it gets too hot and the gnats take over. Liviin’ it up.

I caught a leg and HIIT workout yesterday, and today is OFF.

Lifting weights

The only activity I plan on doing today is reading a book while the girls play outside and a hot bath later tonight. Walking on the wild side. (Random: I never used to be into baths. It made zero sense to me to float around in water that your body is soaking in, when you could just shower and get really clean. How times have changed. Our bath here is AMAZING – it has jets and a light that changes colors – and it’s pretty much the most relaxing thing ever.)

For now, let’s talk about meals and fitness for the week! We have some travel planned later this week, so we didn’t have to plan a ton of dinners.

Here’s what’s on the tentative meal planning menu:

-BBQ chicken, roasted broccoli and sweet potatoes

Sunbasket for two meals (I failed and didn’t check the menu in advance so we’re having two salmon meals. The Pilot isn’t going to be super stoked…he doesn’t like salmon that much as it is.)

-Homemade ramen with soft-boiled eggs. I made a version of this recipe a couple of months ago, and it was so good!

For breakfast I’m making another batch of this breakfast treat (so many of you have made it!! I’m so happy you’re enjoying it as much as we have been) and spring roll salads for lunch.

Spring roll chicken salad 4

Fitness-wise, I’m excited to travel this week and check out some new studios and classes! 

Here’s what it’s looking like:

-Sunday: OFF

-Monday: Teach Zumba

-Tuesday: Legs + easy cardio

-Wednesday: Teach barre + teach Zumba (if I have time, a short arm workout)

-Thursday: OFF

-Friday: Interval bootamp

-Saturday: barre or spin!

I’d love to hear what you have on the fitness plan this week!

If you’re looking for fitness inspiration this month, don’t forget to grab your March calendar here.

Have a happy Sunday and I’ll see ya in the am with a weekend recap.



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  1. Tracy on March 5, 2018 at 3:35 pm

    I used to feel the same way about baths…I just didn’t get it. Now I live for them!! The ultimate way to pamper myself.

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