Review of Zuzana’s ZCUT Power Cardio DVDs

I think we’re all in agreement that I have a girl crush on Zuzana.

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She has a soft-spoken, kind and approachable demeanor, and at the same time, creates these crazy intense workouts that leave me shaking in a pool of sweat. How can someone so nice make my muscles cry so effectively?

Oh, and I have serious ab envy.


I’m gonna go do a plank now.

As a fitness instructor, it’s always so refreshing to have the chance to take a class or do a DVD so you don’t have to think about your workout. When you’re used to creating them so often (and coaching along the way), it’s nice to zone out and just do it. Whenever I’m looking for someone else to kick my booty, I know I can count on a ZWOW. When I found out that Zuzana was coming out with a set of cardio DVDs, I knew it would be something worth checking out since I love her online workouts so much. When I saw the price tag ($15 for the set), I decided it was destiny and ordered some.


I haven’t had a chance to try all of the workouts yet -I’ve done 4, plus the warm up and bonus abs workouts- but thought it was worth a little post, since quite a few of ya have asked how I like them so far.

Here are some details:

-It’s a 3-DVD set, which has 12 workouts, a warm up, cool down and bonus abs workout

-The set also includes a workout calendar, plus basic nutrition tips if you want to follow around. This is a helpful tool for scheduling rest days.

-Each workout is around 10-15 minutes and if you do the warm up and cool down each time, you still will not be working out for longer than 30 minutes. This makes it a fantastic option for those who don’t have a lot of time to workout, especially since all of the DVDs can be done at home with minimal equipment (chair, mat, something to jump over)

-Before each workout, Zuzana breaks down the moves with proper form so you know what to expect, and how to do it properly. The workouts are done in rounds for time, so the key is to complete them as quickly as possibly, while still utilizing proper form.


My thoughts:

-The movements are very high impact and intense, so I wouldn’t recommend them for fitness beginners or those with injuries. There are a couple of the moves that I’ve had to modify, since I knew I wouldn’t be able to complete the rest of the high rep set with proper form.

-I wouldn’t do these types of workouts on consecutive days. Like I mentioned, they’re high intensity, and it’s a better choice for your heart (it’s a muscle and needs rest, too!) to alternate cardio intensities. I’d space them out throughout the week, or use them as a tough cardio HIIT session after weights (which is how I’ve been using the DVDs).

-They are very, very similar to the workouts you can find for free online. However, Zuzana provides a ton of awesome content at no cost to her thousands of viewers, I’m assuming she’s primarily paid via YouTube ad revenue. I these DVDs are a great way to financially support her, and I love that these workouts can be done without an internet connection. (I take my computer to the gym and will do them in the training room, which doesn’t get a good WiFi signal.) On a non-workout related note, some of you may have read online about her troubled past, and she’s also been through a lot personally in the past year or so. From what I can tell, in addition to her abs of steel, she has a heart of gold. She’s built amazing success for herself and is proof that you don’t need to finish the same way you start. 

I’ll definitely continue using the DVDs as a fun change-up in my workout routine, along with my beloved TurboFire, NYC Ballet Company and Physique 57.  

Hope you’re all having a happy morning so far <3

See ya later today with a fun Valentine’s gift guide from Meg!



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Focus on: YouTube fitness

Winter Shape Up! Today is your Hill challenge and Ab burner. Pick any ab burner from my YouTube channel (or do a couple!) and for your hill challenge, you’re going to focus on resistance. If you need some ideas, check out this workout and this workout.

How’d you do? Make sure to check in by leaving a comment below! Two lucky winners will receive the same scarf I’m wearing in this pic, courtesy of White Plum Boutique.

Me christie meg  1 of 1

I’ll also send a set of the Zuzka DVDs to each of the two winners, just because I’m enjoying them so much [sponsored by Bella and Caroline] 🙂

Congratulations to the lucy tank winner from yesterday!

Catherine C. said: Holy arm burn!!! Did workout 3 today and will be using tomorrow as my rest day…I’m gonna need it 😉

Send me an email to fitnessista at gmail dot com and we’ll get your prize on the way! xo



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  1. I wanted to make sure I checked in today! I’m lovin’ workout #3- sore in the middle of my upper back, thanks Gina! I checked out Zuzana today too, thanks to your review, and liked it a lot.

  2. i did it! thanks for having this all spelled out, it really has helped me commit and focus!

  3. Her DVDs have been on my Amazon wish list forever! 🙂 Thank you for all of the amazing workouts, Gina!

  4. Did my hill workout on the stairmaster (30 min + walking warmup and cooldown), and I combined it with intervals. Increased the speed of each subsequent “work” portion, and the end result was like a hill workout and an interval workout had a crazy-hard baby. Obviously, I loved every sweaty, red-faced second of it.

  5. Just finished workout 3 and my cardio for the day…I was a sweaty mess! Thanks Gina!

  6. I worked out on my lunch break so I wouldn’t have to worry about fitting it in after tonight’s date!

  7. I did the hill workout from HallowLEAN, and my glutes and quads were on FIRE! I also did my first ever TRX workout this morning just to push myself a little harder!

  8. I really like bodyrock when zuzana was host! Something about her accent and of course killer abs! Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. I am so excited! If I don’t win these DVDs I will be buying them. You have never lead me wrong before! Thanks to you last summer I got TurboFire and did you wedding workout to get in shape for my wedding! Now it’s time to kick butt again to get in shape for summer! Loving the Winter Shape up too!

  10. Charlotte K. says:

    Did my hill workout on the elliptical and will do one of your ab routines a bit later tonight as I’m headed to a meeting now. Thanks for all the great workouts, and fingers crossed for the giveaway – that scarf looks amazing!

  11. Did workout #3 and 20 minutes on the stair master at level 5. After not being able to get through last weeks stair master workout, I’m working on conquering it slowly but surely!

  12. I love the scarf! These workouts kill me every time 🙂

  13. did my hill work out and ab burner! I love not having to decide what my workout will be!

  14. Oh my goodness I’m still so sore from Monday. Workout #3 was a struggle ahhhh

  15. Thank you for the ab workout! And I love that scarf – its so cute!

  16. Chelsea C. says:

    I”m leaving in 5 mins to crank out workout #3 before my favorite kickboxing class! Should be a super sweaty night at the gym!

  17. Stephanie D says:

    Just finished a great VDay workout, have a great night with the fam!

  18. I did the workout this morning 🙂 Loving the shape up-it’s a nice change to my usual gym routine.

  19. Did actual hill repeats outside because I finally signed up for my next HM last weekend & it will involve some hills.

  20. I WANT THOSE DVD’S!!!!!

  21. I’ve only tried one of Zuzana’s workouts and it killed me in the best way possible! So happy to know she now has DVDs! I’ve been terrible as far as workouts go this week- my family owns a floral shop so this week had been beyond crazy for valentines day- I plan on doing workout 3 tomorrow along with some HIIT! Happy vday!!

  22. I did some Physique 57. I’m very intrigued by these workouts,although I would definitely have to modify some of Zuzana’s moves.

  23. I did a cardio session of 2.5 miles with walking/running/high incline intervals. Wanted a good heart pumping cardio workout in honor of Valentine’s day! Plus wanted to burn off some of the extras I enjoyed today. Oh, and also did some ab work! My rest day was yesterday so I will do more cardio tomorrow and get in workout 3 on Saturday! Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

  24. Did some hills on the treadmill yesterday and counted yoga as my ab burner for today. Lots of plank work!

  25. Dang, girl! Workout #3 has me soooooo sore every time I do it. I am loving the burn!

  26. A really usable & effective cardio DVD like this is missing from my current collection – fingers crossed!!

    I am loving workout 3! Done & amidst easy cardio on the gym elliptical 🙂

  27. Never heard of her, but will def check her videos out!! Love anything high impact 🙂

  28. WHO WON????????????????

  29. Hello!

    I ‘ve been reading your posts lately and I feel really inspired. I might be one of the few men here commenting, but I just love the positive energy and support! I’ve been doing the ZCUT and the Yoga vol. 1 series for a month, and my body feels amazing! Yes it’s very similar to what you’ve found online, but much more compact and portable, which I love, because I will live in a hotel room for the next 3 months and just LOVE the no-dependency to internet to workout.
    My abs are ready, I’ve also combined my routine with the dormfit ( diet and program, and the dolce diet book, by Mike Dolce, and I

    • sorry, I am thrilled! Just wondering here, how did you assemble the yoga series with your regular ZCUT workouts? Have you done yoga exclusively ? I am starting to experience my body changing in a very empowering way. The more yoga I do, the stronger and adaptable I feel in my everyday life. I’d like to hear your take on this,

      Thanks for the positivity and strenght !!!

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